A Court Decision is No Law at All

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." - Marbury v Madison 1803.

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When will the Congress begin IMPEACHING BUS LOADS OF JUDGES... for bad conduct?  Rule by Judicial fiat must end and the only way it will happen is if the current Judges are removed from their benches.  I would suggest that rewriting the Federal Judiciary Act and at the same time REDISTRICTING every sitting judge out of office.... and off their benches... would be the most effective way to deal with the problem.  There are just to many bad Federal Judges to Impeach them separately... can them all and start over.

Then, the next President, with the considered and independent CONSENT of Congress,  can appoint new justices... Some of the old could be retained/reappointed, if they had a good judicial record.  In any event the judicial system needs a complete overhaul...Judges and jurisdictional issues realigned, to ensure that the Courts never stray so far away from the Constitution again. 

With all due respect, Sir, I believe this a military issue, or at the least a militia issue. The oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from ALL enemies foreign and domestic, applies here. The entire US government has become the biggest threat to life, liberty, freedom, privacy, and peace we've ever faced. And it's not led by a "sitting pResident" a fraud can't possibly be "commander in chief". Can he?

Well Joe... Obama certainly operates as Commander in Chief... and the military appears to be following him as commander in chief. If it walks like, talks like and acts like a commander in chief... it may just be a commander in chief.. Albeit a fraud and poor commander in chief.

We must face reality ... and reality is that Obama is President in name and by observation... functioning as such... and that includes as CIC.

Do they have the fortitude to think about the Oath to Country they took?      To protect and defend???     When does "Duty" come before Country?      I have read the transcripts from the Nuremberg Trials, and  a lot of those Guys said they were "just doing their duty".    Appears to me, to be a question of Courage, or better, lack of.

You asked:  "Do they have the fortitude to think about the Oath to Country they took?" Then you say, "Appears to me, to be a question of Courage, or better, lack of"

You are being insulting to the members of our armed forces, questioning the courage and fortitude of those who go into battle.  You are also twisting the meaning of the Nuremberg trials, which were about obeying orders to commit mass murder.  The common refrain was, "...just following orders". 

First, who is "they"? If you do not specify, you are implying that no one in the military has any integrity.  If you want to accuse Obama's 4 star lackeys as the ones lacking "fortitude", then you should specify, and I will agree with that.

Second:  If you think that the "against all enemies, foreign and domestic" clause is grounds for the military revolting, think again. Where does it say that the military defines the threats?  The military is under civilian control . The military role in a republic is to fight the threats defined by the civilians. When ignorant voters elect bad civilians why should the military be expected to bail them out?

Third, you ask about duty coming before country.  The order of the words is Duty, Honor, Country, because you cannot have a country without doing one's duty with honor. Read General MacArthur's speech to the Corps of Cadets at West Point in 1962 at http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Gazetteer/Places/America/Unit..., titled, "Duty, Honor, Country "

Third: The military has two oaths, one for officers and one for enlisted. The officers oath does not say that they must obey the orders of the president, but the enlisted men's oath says that they must obey the orders of the commander in chief as well as the officers appointed over them. If the commander in chef gives one order and a commissioned officer gives a contradicting order that puts the enlisted man in a bind, and there is a high risk to him in obeying the last order first, but many will if they respect the officer. 




hopefully the military discovers Obama is Americas Hitler and handles him

Not soon enough. We no longer have a Republic form of government, we have an organized crime syndicate form of government.

Very astute observation, Joe.  This is the best description I have seen yet.

joebanana, you are correct, sir!!!!!

I find Obama "Null, Void, and Repugnant".

Obama has made a lot of decisions, the media trumpets his 'victories,' nevertheless, enforcement is giving him fits. In the meantime we keep filling the House & Senate with more Tea Partiers. Wait him out, he can't afford all out confrontation...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

@Gray, that you are right!!!   If it's takes patience, we have it, but it runs shorter with every attack.




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