The article mentions Al Shabab is from Somalia.

Would this have something to do with the intelligence from Dr James Garrow about attacks on USA malls?

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   Just think about the ones that are already here?! Thousands of people who are not trying to become American the legal way!  They will hit our malls! Can any imagine the deaths that would happen if they set off a bomb in a mall on BLACK FRIDAY?!! Every store full and not thinking about safety!  One goes off? And the ones not killed or hurt in the first attack? Would kill so many others getting out! People and kids stomped to death!  Folks, you best think real hard about this! They will hit us! And it will be worst then the Twin Towers! Tens of thousands will be killed! And the number hurt? I can't imagine! 

   When this happens?  And it is going to happen!  Your muslim friend that talks about love and peace?  Will try to kill you and your family! The shit book, koran, tells them to! Tells them to lie to make you believe they are all about peace and love! Read the damn book! I have and know the truth of islam! I still use the koran! Good book! I use its pages for ass wipe! Best use I have found for it! 

   As for me? " I live my life. That when my feet hit the floor in the morning. The devil and muslims say," OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!! "

I think it was some leader from ISIS who said that they would attack USA and it would be worse than 9/11

Ted, your idea about an attack on Black Friday would be devastating! Everyone's mind would be on Christmas shopping..and the terrorists would be happy to ruin the Christmas holiday!




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