256 reasons why Republicans will win on election day...pass them on!

256 reasons why Republicans will win both houses of Congress on Nov 6th.  Pass it on!

1 A 3.5 GDP with a likelihood of more than 3% for the year.

2 56% of us say Democrats out of step with America, because they are.

3 Illegal aliens are murdering hundreds of innocent Americans and Democrat support them over us.

4 Democrats want to impeach Trump because they hate him and hate us.

5 Blacks have enjoyed a 400% increase in business ownership.

6 Trump has engineered a huge drop in Food Stamp use.

7 Black support for Trump hit 36% in a credible poll so we know the country is improving and not crumbling as Democrats try to tell us.

8 Primary voting showed Republicans clearly more enthusiasm and so will voting in November.

9 More Americans are working than ever.

10 84% of us don’t want sanctuary anything and Democrats totally support sanctuary everything. They don’t care about the crime they cause Democrats just want the votes.

11 60% of real Americans want the wall build and 100% of Democrats are against it.

12 Trump has produced at least one 50% swing by his endorsement, so we know he will help in close races.

13 Democrats brag at getting 87% out to vote in Ohio special and still lost.

14 Trump's endorsement pulled Troy Balderson a lackluster candidate who was going to lose, to victory.

15 Optimism for America’s future: Right Track/Wrong Track is up as is every other measurement of public sentiment.

16 Every objective measure of optimism points away from what Democrats want to do to America.

17 All but one Democrat Senator running for reelection in a Trump won state is under 50% and some by a lot.

18 Democrats pledge to impeach Trump.

19 Democrats pledge to repeal the Tax cuts that have improved our life.

20 Democrats want open borders to swamp our elections with illegal voters.

21 Democrats want to repeal Second amendment.

22 Democrats clearly favor illegal aliens over Americans safety.

23 Democrats have become the party of Venezuelan socialism.

24 Democrats want to disband ICE.

25 Democrats want to obstruct confirmation of judge Kavanaugh and will stop any other real American judge if they ever get the power to do so.

26 Democrats are relying on fake polls to make believe they have enthusiasm.

27 Aside from Pennsylvania’s special election, Republicans have won every special election.

28 Strangely, only Republican-held House seats are toss-ups.

29 RNC has huge lead over DNC in fundraising and is set up in at least 29 states with 850 professional consultants supported by 25k registered volunteers.

30 The left hates us and hates America.

31 Obamacare. They plan to bring it back.

32 Democrats are at war on White Christians and hate us. They want to take our rights away.

33 Black and Hispanic support for Trump is rising not falling.

34 Trump appeals to the forgotten Americans and we hear him; Democrats have publicly said the White people are the problem in America.

35 Our 401Ks are soaring as is the whole economy at rates for everything.

36 The Dow Index is up thousands of points since Trump’s inauguration.

37 Democrats support NFL kneelers.

38 Dems hate police and hate our military.

39 Dems have no platform except hate and resistance.

40 The FBI /CIA covered up for Hillary.

41 A Democrat Senate means no more Gorsuch or Kavanaugh confirmations.

42 Trump is winning trade war with every country and it is helping our economy.

43 Trump brought peace to Korea.

44 Trump has sharply cut illegal alien influx.

45 Trump has started the wall.

46 Trump has cut thousands of useless anti-business regulations.

47 Trump has brought back Merry Christmas.

48 Trump has done more for Veterans than any president in 20 years.

49 Trump has done more for religious liberty than any president in our memory.

50Trump has singlehandedly revived the Steel industry.

51 Trump has singlehandedly brought back the coal industry.

52 There is such a thing as #walkaway that they are hiding.

53 Our personal family finances have never been better for a large majority of us.

54 We don't care about the constant barrage of fake "scandals" being thrown at Trump.

55 Trump keeps his promises.

56 We don't like Hollywood perverts and don't care what they say.

57 Democrats support Antifa.

58 Democrats think MS-13 are not animals and we know they are.

59 Democrats want more abortions; we want fewer abortions.

60 Women are working at record rates.

61 African Americans are working at record rates.

62 Hispanics are working at record rates.

63 Millennials are working at record rates.

64 Democrats are losing support from Millennials because they too are working now.

65 Facebook Twitter and the rest of social media hates us and we know it.

66 The so-called mainstream media hates us and we recognize it.

67 We can only rely on ourselves and are weapon is voting which we will use.

68 Democrats want Sharia law for America; as long as Muslims will vote Democrat.

69 We knew not voting will give Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi control of our lives.

70 We know the best way to beat Democrat voter fraud is to vote.

71 Democrats hate God and mock religious people.

72 Illegal aliens bring crime especially to Democrat controlled cities.

73 Democrats want to fundamentally transform America; we want to change it back to where it is fair and beneficial for everyone.

74 America has always been great; we don’t like Democrats who crap on our country to stir up their hate-filled voters.

75 America is not a racist country.

76 Democrats want totally open borders because they have become basically anarchists.

77 Democrats are anti- Semitic.

78 We have a country to save.

79 Democrats want to destroy America.

80 Democrats started a GoFund Me for a murdering illegal alien.

81 Democrats only care about illegal aliens as future Democrat voters.

82 Hillary Clinton will walk if Democrats win back control of Congress.

83 All the skunks in the FBI will walk if Democrats win back Congress.

84 Gun Free Zones will continue to kill people.

85 We hate politically correct double speak.

86 We believe in freedom of speech; Democrats don’t.

87 Democrats choose which laws they will ignore.

88 Democrats are re-segregating our schools.

89 Democrats are behind boys and girls using same shower room in schools.

90 Democrats want to destroy the NRA.

91 Democrats believe the ends justify the means.

92 We never believed the Russia Russia Russia hoax.

93 Democrats want grown men to use the same restrooms as little girls.

94 Democrats will not allow America to be energy independent.

95 Democrats think there are more than two genders.

96 The swamp still needs draining.

97 There is no such thing as toxic masculinity.

98 Democrats want to destroy American history.

99 The media is uniformly against us and lies about us Trump and America constantly.

100 There is a clear double standard in our justice system under Democrats that protects them.

101 Democrats carry out Selective political prosecutions like they had in the old Soviet Union.

102 Obama said our manufacturing jobs would never come back, but they have and they will keep coming back under Trump.

103 4.4 million jobs created under Trump Administration.

104 American exceptionalism.

105 The “resistance.”

106 Democrat hatred has poisoned our beautiful country.

107 Democrats hate our Constitution.

108 Obama’s Iran deal.

109 Democrats attacks on Keystone pipeline.

110 Obama sucking up to dictators embarrassing us.

111 Trump beating ISIS.

112 Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

113 Trump withdrawal from TPP.

114 Trump withdrawal from Paris “Accord.”

115 Trump giving control of education back to the states.

116 Antifa attacks on Trump supporters.

117 Leftists smashing Trump’s Star.

118 Endless recounts until Democrats win.

119 Trump’s vision for America versus Democrats plans for America.

120 What Feinstein tried to do to Judge Kavanaugh.

121 We understand how dangerous Democrat and their Islamic supporters.

122 Endless recounts until Democrats win.

123 No new wars.

124 Democrats making EVERYTHING about politics.

125 Pussy hats.

126 We want to get Obama’s wagging finger out of our face and stick it in his eye.

127 Democrat spoiled brat tantrums when they don't get their way.

128 Democrats would undo everything Trump has done for us.

129 We don’t want America to become California Venezuela or Chicago.

130 Democrats ramming Obamacare down our throats because they believe we are stupid.

131 Democrats want to undo everything Trump has done for us.

132 We know the “Okay” sign is not a White supremacy sign.

133 Democrats support North American Man/Boy Love Association (NABLA) pedophilia.

134 Democrats want to suck innocent infants out of “inconvenienced” women.

135 We are tired of childish Democrats screaming at us because they can’t get their way. No more “My opinion is right; yours is wrong so shut up!”

136 We remember Brian Terry the Border Officer who was murdered by Obama and Holder’s Fast and Furious criminal scheme.

137 America comes first.

138 Democrats are depraved.

139 We fully understand that the way to beat these bottom feeding Democrats is vote get all our friends and family to vote and stand on a street corner with a sign asking other Americans to vote out every last Democrat we can.

140 Unlike Democrats, we’re not children; we know things aren’t free.

141 Crazy Democrats make up lies about Trump supporters to hurt us.

142 We know global warming or whatever they want to call it is fake and a hoax.

143 We don’t want to hear Obama calling us demagogues bigots and fear mongers who exploit American history just because we remind people it was the Democrats who kept Black people as slaves and started the Klu Klux Klan.

144 Even NPR Admits a Democrat win will throw the country into a dead stop with endless investigations.

145 Because liberals dressed as vaginas calling us Nazis disgusts us.

146 We know White Privilege is fake and Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

146 We know Democrats are a greater threat to America than ISIS is.

147 We’re not deplorables; we’re Patriots.

148 We understand no matter what a Democrat says now, once elected they all become a Schumer or Pelosi Mini-Mes.

149 Biden called Trump supporters “a small percentage of the American people — virulent people, some of them the dregs of society."

150 Maxine Waters incited a violent mob attacks against people in Trump’s cabinet.

151 We KNOW Trump built it!

152 Obama called us CLINGERS; Hillary Clinton called us DEPLORABLES; Biden called us DREGS OF SOCIETY; Terrorists call us INFIDELS but our President Calls us AMERICANS.

153 We know what a real RECOVERY SUMMER looks like.

154 Democrats who say we have to say YES to Socialism can afford to; we work hard for our money and we can’t afford to live as their slaves.

155 We like to watch liberals cry.

156 We KNOW we need to overcome the Democrats’ edge with DEAD VOTER. S

157 Democrats are women who think they’re men; men who think they are women both dressed as vaginas screaming that Trump is insane.

158 We KNOW their “spontaneous” demonstrations are fake.

159 Maxine Waters said, “The next Supreme Court Justice should be an illegal immigrant.”

160 We’re sick of the liberal shit.

161 During some awards show, nobody watches, a Hollywood “star” said, “The only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.”

162 We see that even after 37 years the left is still smearing Clarence Thomas with vicious lies and we don’t like it.

167 We understand for the Democrats Its Obstruction. It’s Resist. It’s whatever they have to do to hurt America.

168 Democrats have suggested putting President Trump’s 12-year-old son in a cage to be raped.

169 Democrats think the government owns our money, but we own our money.

170 A CNN reporter declared it's "DANGEROUS" to ask for facts in support of allegations.

171 Democrat Richard THE FAKE VIETNAM VETERAN Blumenthal said the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court "should be withdrawn because it will not only cast a shadow over judge Kavanaugh ... it will also stain the United States Supreme Court irreparably."

172 CNN threatened to DESTROY THE LIFE of the 15-year-old kid that created the Trump/CNN wrestling meme if he didn’t remove his content and apologize and PROMISE never to do it again.

173 Hillary Clinton and her staff took hammers and destroyed cell phones to hide evidence of her crimes.

174 Democrats say they will probe Kavanaugh allegations if they win in November.

175 Democrat says, “Boo hoo hoo,” to rape threats against Senator Collins’ staff.

176 Rapper Snoop Dogg saying that if you like Trump, “you mother$ckin racist.”

177 Trump takes no salary he donates it, and he gave one million dollars to help victims of Hurricane Harvey donated. Democrats use other people’s money to fund their “charitable works.”

178 We know just wearing a pro-Republican campaign button we can be attacked and harassed in public places. We know the left’s “tolerance” is a lie.

179 We know that when we win we can prosecute Feinstein for espionage with her Chinese spy.

180 We know the Democrats will not stop at impeaching President Trump; they will impeach every Republican they don’t like and to hell with the country.

181 For six years straight England's top name for newborn boys is Muhammad and we won’t let that happen here

182 We remember that on August 19, 2016, Hillary “95% chance of winning” Hilton said, "We are going to raise taxes on the middle class"

183 Democrats hate the word “values”; we don’t.

184 Democrats approve and support female genital mutilation to appease Muslims.

185 We know Democrats would falsely accuse Jesus Himself if Republicans nominated Him for something.

186 We believe that our prayers for deliverance from Democrat oppression will be answered if we vote.

187 Because we have read their “No Borders; No Nations; F^ck your deportations,” signs.

188 Jimmy Kimmel suggested cutting Brett Kavanaugh’s penis off if he is confirmed.

189 The Democrats love Hollywood rapists, illegal alien rapists Democrat politician rapists and making conservatism a crime.

190 We remember Hillary Clinton managing Bimbo Eruptions mocking Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and others so many others.

191 They childishly steal Republican lawn signs.

192 When we reelect Republicans we can kick Linda Sarsour out of our country.

193 Comedian Jimmy Kimmel mocked Lindsey Graham with a gay joke after he defended Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his hearing.

194 Democrats will make our children cry in fear of attacks to get their way.

195 If we don’t fight back and hold the Congress America will die.

196 We want to stop the drama NOW!

197 Liberals have stolen the joy out of everyday life in our America.

198 The Kavanaugh hearings proved Democrats must never be allowed to run our life again.

199 It is freedom or socialism and we know which way to vote.

200 USA Today slurred Judge Kavanaugh as a “possible pedophile.”

201 Doxxing done by Maxine Waters office was disgusting and proved Democrats unworthy to run our lives.

202 We are not afraid of them.

203 Every day we have to get up and fight and we are up to it.

204 Democrats are a disgrace to America – a stain on our national honor.

205 Democrats are the party of crime.

206 Democrats want to steal our Medicare to buy illegal alien votes.

207 We know it’s fight together or fall together.

208 Democrats want to burn down our country.

209 Democrats are the face of tyranny.

210 Cory Booker actually said “Ultimately it doesn’t matter if Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty.

211 The “cartoon” mocking Judge Kavanaugh’s little girl for praying for his accuser and many liberals agreed with it.

212 Ricin a deadly poison was sent to Defense Secretary James Mattis at the Pentagon.

213 We want photo ID for voting.

214 Democrats are psychological terrorists.

215 Democrat senior editor attacks Steve Scalise (who was almost murdered by a deranged Democrat looking for Republicans to kill) for calling for threats to stop by mocking him with, “Boo Boo, little baby.”

216 Democrat on Twitter: So who's gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?

217 Democratic fundraiser says America is racist and sexist, “F--k the bible voters.”

218 Democrats are now a dangerous threat to our institutions.

219 Democrats say they will be more ruthless in the future and we can’t let that happen.

220 “Seven FBI investigations of Kavanaugh was not enough.”

221 Washington Post's E.J. Dionne Urges Rage and Revenge over Kavanaugh.

222 Steven Colbert’s writer said “I’m just glad we ruined Kavanaugh’s life.

223 We know none of what the Democrats do is spontaneous.

224 The mob in front of the Senate building was 300 people; not 3000 or 30000 or THREE MILLION like the TEA party real rallies in Washington. We know that it too was fake.

225 Democrats call their resistance a war; we believe them and have to fight like our nation depends on it because it does.

226 Doxxer was paid by Democrats.

227 Democrats are targeting Republican leaders’ families for terrorist acts and physical attacks, and when they are finished with them they are coming for us.

228 Hillary: "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that's when civility can start again."

229 Democrats see their fight as a Civil War.

230 This is life or death and we see it that way.

231 We want Democrats to own the violence and destruction they have caused.

232 Maxine Waters vowed to confront Justice Kavanaugh “He won’t rest easy in his job,” the Democrats’ head lunatic said.

233 Pelosi said Democrats’ Priorities will be Gun Control and immigration.

234 Democrats now physically attacking Republican candidates.

235 Cory “Spartacus the accused sexual predator,”  Booker says Canada is more American than America.

236 WaPo's Eugene Robinson says sending troops to White House to get Trump out is “actually a pretty good idea!"

237 Because of their #MeToo movement people have become skeptical of honest women claiming sexual harassment.

238 Pelosi said, “If there is collateral damage to Americans who don’t share our values, so be it.”

239 We know it is “jobs versus mobs.”

240 Democrats have weaponized uncorroborated accusations against us.

241 Liberal Professor Says Disrupting Republicans Meals Isn’t Enough; "Put your whole d**n fingers in their salad."

242 The Washington Post ran Kavanaugh story knowing parts of it were false.

243 This is the only way to stop the Democrat mobs.

244 Conservative women know, "If the Democrats can do that to a white Justice of the Supreme Court with no evidence, no corroboration and all of her witnesses, including her best friend, say it didn't happen -- what will happen to our husbands? Our fathers? Or our sons when a white girl lies on them?"

245 Former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines justified Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell getting heckled in a restaurant.

246 A King County [Washington] judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation against Seattle’s new gun-storage law.

247 We know the Democrats control the media, but this was so blatant: “A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward the U.S.” Democrats complained and the AP changed the headline to replace the word “army” with “caravan.”

248 To get rid of Common Core math.

249 We don’t want America shutdown by Democrat subpoenas for fake investigations.

250 Trump fills arenas Democrats fill mobs.

251 Democrats plan to allow illegal aliens into our Armed Forces is given a chance.

252 Promises made; promises kept.

253 Voter ID is not racist, damn it!

254 Democrats support using votes from the dead but won’t count the rights of the unborn.

255 Pelosi wants to bring back Cap-And-Trade disaster.

256 My paycheck tells me to vote Republican.

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