In an article published online Friday, Rachel Rose Hartman of Yahoo! News lamented that President Obama’s upcoming trip to Africa would not include a stop in Kenya, “the country of his birth.”

Whoa. What?

The mainstream media for years has been lockstep behind the president in affirming his birth in Hawaii, even derisively labeling those who question the official story as “birthers.”

And in fact, Talking Points Memo reports that within 90 minutes of the story’s publication, Yahoo! News added the following: “Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the president’s birthplace.”

The wording of the story was then changed from referencing Kenya as “the country of his birth” to “his ancestral homeland.”

A screenshot of the original article (emphasis added) can be seen below:

A screenshot of the amended article can also be seen below:

Hartman’s article spoke of the Obama family’s upcoming visit to Africa, which is expected to take place from June 26-July 3, and planned stops in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes, however, told reporters Kenya wasn’t on the itinerary.

So was Hartman’s reporting that Obama was born in Kenya a slip-up or a sign of something more?

The answer may be impossible to discover. A spokesperson for Yahoo! News told the Washington Post there would be no comments available beyond the correction.

Social media monitor Twitchy, however, noted that many users of Twitter were quick to assume Hartman a “birther” and blasted her as racist while demanding she be fired.

Curiously, before Obama was elected, it was fairly common to find references in the media that referred to the former Illinois senator as born in Kenya.

The Kenyan government, as well, in 2009 commissioned a cultural museum in Kenya to “honour the birthplace of President Obama.”

Even Obama’s own literary agency billed him as “born in Kenya” as late as 2007 to promote the sale of his book, “Dreams from My Father.”


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Yeah, and what else is new.  Both Barry and Michelle Obama have made statements (on video) about Kenya being the place of Obama's's just that up to now the MSM has ignored those statements and not actually reported on them. 

Our Sheriff in Maricopa county in AZ (metro Phoenix etc.) and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's cold case squad have reported on the validity of the claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii.  Why do so many people act so surprised when they hear this.  And why has no one arrested him and kicked him out of office for his fraud???



 Why? Because they're all bought and paid for. That's why.

I agree with you guess is no one but our Sheriff Joe has the guts to do the same time Schumer, Pelosi and whoever else "verified" king o's eligibity need to be arrested for treason.....and never see the light of day again!!!

And O & Moochelle need to be arrested for perpetrated the biggest fraud in American history. 

Remember the couple that "sneaked" into the WH?   That would be the Obamas.


Excellent title for a book, "The couple that sneaked into the WH".

with the sequel being, "The Obamanation of America"

Just think of how many appointees also have been illegally( Where have I heard that word before? )  apointed & will have to be Dis-appointed. !!!  ???

Well, let's be fair here... maybe President Obama was referring to Kenya as one of the 57 states he'd visited...

R.O F L.

Well I would be if it weren't so pathetic.

 More like ROTFPIMPL!





Jim Bridenstine said neither Obama or Biden were fit to lead our country.  Did he hit the nail on the head or what?

Does that include the states  of Confusion  & Deception?



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