Companies are dropping health coverage for spouses to cut costs

By denying coverage to spouses, employers not only save the annual premiums, but also the new fees that went into effect as part of the Affordable Care Act. This year, companies have to pay $1 or $2 “per life” covered on its plans, a sum that jumps to $65 in 2014. And health law guidelines proposed recently mandate coverage of employees’ dependent children (up to age 26), but husbands and wives are optional. “The question about whether it’s obligatory to cover the family of the employee is being thought through more than ever before,” says Helen Darling, president of the National Business Group on Health.

While surcharges for spousal coverage are more common, last year, 6% of large employers excluded spouses, up from 5% in 2010, as did 4% of huge companies with at least 20,000 employees, twice as many as in 2010, according to human resources firm Mercer. These “spousal carve-outs,” or “working spouse provisions,” generally prohibit only people who could get coverage through their own job from enrolling in their spouse’s plan.

Such exclusions barely existed three years ago, but experts expect an increasing number of employers to adopt them: “That’s the next step,” Darling says. HMS, a company that audits plans for employers, estimates that nearly a third of companies might have such policies now. Holdouts say they feel under pressure to follow suit. “We’re the last domino,” says Duke Bennett, mayor of Terre Haute, Ind., which is instituting a spousal carve-out for the city’s health plan, effective July 2013, after nearly all major employers in the area dropped spouses.

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Now we need a affordable Vacation act so we can go on vacation like the Obamas.

My question for some time has been, "AFFORDABLE TO WHOM?"

Do you know something that I'll bet would be really interesting? I wonder even after all this time, how many Congressmen and women have read and studied the Obamacare debacle? I'll just bet that there are a huge percentage that still have NO IDEA, what's coming. They sit down there with there inflated staffs and conive methods to score voter points for the next election. This really irks my behind.

They do not care because it does not affect them or their families..they are excluded from what us schmucks..their employers have to abide by...


If THEY don't have to do it, then NEITHER DO WE!  What are they going to do?  Arrest us?  Have at it.  Three Hots, and a Cot.  They'll soon get tired of that.  The Department Of IN-Justice is just as crooked as the CONgress.  They need to be taught that WE are the boss, not them.

Where did the CONgress get the idea that THEY are superior, and can pass 'laws' against US, but they have no effect on THEM?  I don't find that in my Constitution.  If it's not there, any Statute At Large in the Congressional Record or not has no effect.

Since we are their bosses what can we do to insist they abide by obamacare also. Mass emails, petition, since I am not that computer literate perhaps someone knows how to get a petition started. No one gets a waiver, no businesses, politicians, federal employees or unions. We pay their healthcare which is better than ours. Enough is enough. Live like we do. 

This is the plan to destroy Amercia. Had enough.

Now are you ready to come out of your houses and take action.

You will start seeing people taking to penalty because they can'tafford the the monthly payments.

We will start seeing families not going to the doctor. This is a  deliberate plan for destruction.

How much are you willing to put up with?

Judges going against the constitution. Polititions going against the constitution.


Get your state reps. to reject the unconstitutional federal government laws. It's your right.It's you obligation.

Get off the your couch and do some thing. ACTION





Let me tell you just a thing Mr. Stevenson, I'm not lying on the couch! I'm promoting Conservative principles every day of my life. I have been in contact already this day with 3 state leguslators and one US Congressman over these issues. I promote and rally every opportunity I have for Conservative values. You are NOT addressing the choir when you advise ME to get off the couch sir. I've been off the couch since 6:00 AM voicing my opinion! Just Saying

I, too, have been communicating with the politicians that pretend to represent me. I've written over a hundred letters to my Democrat representatives, only they have not once voted on any issue the way I have asked them to. I still write to them, even knowing they will not do what I ask, because I don't want them to be able to say, "No one ever said they didn't like the way I've voted."

As for Obamacare, I packed up my van with four other people and drove from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., to protest Nancy "You Have to Pass the Bill to See What's in It" Pelosi. We drove non-stop and made it just in time for the Saturday rally. Nancy came out on the balcony to survey her subjects, as we chanted so loudly that meetings inside the Capitol Building were cancelled for the day. Then we stayed for the Sunday event. They postponed the proceedings, but then rammed it through via extra-legal (illegal?) maneuvering.

Me too...we are even out there fighting Randy Parazz a communist here in AZ trying to force a recall of our Sheriff Joe....he was whining on the news today that his poor "group" is receiving flack from Arizonans who have come out in force to try to stop don't tell us we are sitting on the couch....I also educated several of our State legislatures on the Constitution as they try to force the unConstitutional DOEd Common Core down our throats....

Every day something new. We tried to warn people that this was a bad plan. My step son and his wife think I am crazy when i tell them about what is going on. This may be what wakes them up. She is battling cancer and can no longer get coverage where she worked which means he will have to get it at his place of employment. Guess who will not be covered should his company do this. 

Obama Care is the greatest "Progressive Socialist (Communist)" farce in the history of the worst Congress and POTUS!!!!!!  Whatever happened to the Congress following the will of WE THE PEOPLE??????




Foul-Mouthed Vicente Fox: Donald Trump Has
Ruined The American Dream For Non-Americans

Wasn’t that the point of his election? Foul-mouthed former Mexican President Vicente Fox attacked President Trump in a recent Newsweek op-ed.

Fox wrote that Trump has “ended the American dream for hundreds of thousands of Americans and non-Americans.”

The globalists and American left believe US presidents should put the well-being of foreigners above the well-being of American citizens.

Donald Trump rejects this belief.

The Hill reported:

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox slammed President Trump in a new op-ed Monday, claiming that Trump has killed the American dream.

“It has been more than a year since Donald Trump was elected, and since then he has tweeted more policies and complaints than any other political leader,” Fox wrote in an op-ed for Newsweek. “He has put international relations at risk and ended the American dream for hundreds of thousands of Americans and non-Americans. Is there anything he hasn’t done?”

The frequent Trump critic blasted the president for his threats on Twitter, including his recent suggestion that immigration enforcement from Mexico could become a condition in the ongoing North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

“Today we continue renegotiating the treaty because of good old Donald’s whims, we keep listening to him whining, and reading his conditions on Twitter; the most recent one is that the Dreamers depend on the construction of the f—ing wall,” Fox wrote.


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