Tom Price reportedly tapped to be Health and Human Services secretary

Rep. Tom Price, Georgia Republican and a strong critic of Obamacare, will reportedly be appointed as the next secretary of Health and Human Services.

CNN reported Monday night, citing “an official briefed on the decision,” that the transition team of President-elect Donald Trump will make the official announcement Tuesday.

During the campaign, Mr. Trump repeatedly vowed to replace Obamacare and will have a strong ally in Mr. Price, who had been an orthopedic surgeon before entering politics.

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Who is Tom Price?

Congressman Tom Price was first elected to represent Georgia’s 6th district in November 2004.  Prior to going to Washington, Price served four terms in the Georgia State Senate – two as Minority Whip.  In 2002, he was a leader in the Republican renaissance in Georgia as the party took control of the State Senate, with Price rising to become the first Republican Senate Majority Leader in the history of Georgia. 


In Congress, Rep. Price has proven to be a vibrant leader, tireless problem solver and the go-to Republican on quality health care policy.  He serves on the House Committee on Ways and Means.  In the 114th Congress, Price was named Chair of the House Committee on the Budget.  In previous Congresses, he has served as Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee and Chairman of the Republican Study Committee.  Committed to advancing positive solutions under principled leadership, Price has been a fierce opponent of government waste and devoted to limited government and lower spending.


For nearly twenty years, Rep. Price worked in private practice as an orthopaedic surgeon.  Before coming to Washington he returned to Emory University School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor and Medical Director of the Orthopedic Clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, teaching resident doctors in training.  He received his Bachelor and Doctor of Medicine degrees from the University of Michigan and completed his Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Emory University.

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I can go along w/ Price. long as they SHRED the mandates, the extensive new powers granted to the IRS  and the 15,000+ pages of regulations added by the HHS Secy.

Romney, on the other hand, is another story.

There are those waving the GOP pompoms saying that prez elect DT's choice of Romney truly shows that DT really wants party unity. I call them naive at the very least.

One of Trump's most effective campaign messages, which includes "Build the Wall!", "Lock her up", and the biggie: "Make America Great Again", was "Drain the swamp!".  The key reason for him having shot to political superstardom was the fact that he "wasn't" a politician. That he doesn't/ didn't play by DC's elitist rules. That he'd shake the Beltway up to its core.

The choic of Mitt Romney screams of compromise. And, from what I've seen in the past decade alone, when the GOP commits to compromise, aka "bipartisanship" and "Going along to get along", the people and the nation as a whole always end up losing more of their Natural Rights to Freedom and Liberty.  

The masses chose Trump because they believe that their "man" would NOT try to even seek approval of either the media - let alone the party. Yet, his first order of business was to choose the very head of the RNC machine. But, to be fair, Trump did say that his is the last word on all matters.

How does one "drain the swamp" by adding more sludge? That is what Romney represents in DC after all. Prez elect DT mayas well have chosen Jeb, Kasich or even the fmr "GOP" governor of CA, Arnold Schartzeneggar. 

The prez's Cabinet choices...IMO...represents the very direction the potus intends to take the States and the nation as a whole.  Romney is progressive.  And progressivism tends to favor interanational law over OUR sovereignty.

Lets "hope" that PE Donald Trump listens to Kelly Anne Conway  and Newt Gingrich.  The buck does stop w/ DT.      

Dr. Price is a good choice. He's wanted Obamacare to go away since Obama's first miserable term.

However, I'm absolutely NOT liking President-elect Donald Trump's pick, of former Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin to head the Treasury Department. Absolutely NOT, folks! This guy has more negative baggage in his background for my taste - or anybody else I know.

He's a former Goldman Sachs executive, a BIG Democrat donor, a BIG contributor to numerous Liberal causes, and the MOST damning of all these horrible issues, is - He worked for George Soros. That's correct! He was an employee of Soros Funding Corp. Not a good thing!

Trump should dump the idea of bringing in this Wolf in Sheep's clothing into the Trump team. 

He's BAD News!

Trump assembles an awesome and capable team. Bannon is ex-Goldman Sachs, too. So what? If these are the most capable people to Make America Great Again, we should not turn our back on Trump whom we so fervently supported in the primaries and in the general election...for good reason.

Uhhh, did you read it all? Probably not. I'm not surprised.That's why you replied with, "So what?" 

Cabinet picks should always align with the President-elect's agenda. With the abundant talent available, choosing a former George Soros employee (Steven Mnuchin) does NOT give me a warm and fuzzy.

No one is turning their backs on Trump. It's a perfectly legitimate critique. Can you understand that?

my bet is on 'no'

Yes, I read it all. I trust that Trump is assembling a capable team. He still has my support 100% just as he did since the primaries. You of all people, Frankmusic, were all in on Trump before the election. The man isn't even sworn in and you are turning your back on him. You had all the faith in Trump before the elections and now you abandon the ship just as we embark to Make America Great Again. Some critique is all good and fine but not really when you undermine our cause. Next thing you know you will align with democraps who are itching to torpedo Trump as soon as possible. Is that what you want to do?

You keep using the phrase, 'turning your back....' which appears to be one of your favorites, when describing those on this site who offer some of their critical opinions. It's obvious that YOUR perception on the 'back turning' issue is just that, and nothing more. You're completely wrong, if somehow you have drawn those haphazard conclusions that you've posted. Criticisms on Trump's picks in many cases are not blatant demonstrations of turning one's back. For instance, you may or may not have noticed this, but it has been reported that the most ardent Trump supporters have made their opinons heard regarding their displeasure with the potential Mitt Romney pick. Oh yes, it's quite true.

There's a big difference between projecting oneself as being a solid supporter of campaign promises and the road maps to achieve those goals and being a simple blind sycophant. ......You being the latter.

I am a solid supporter of Trump and also of his campaign promises which he is keeping as far as I am concerned. You obviously have a different opinion because he is not following your expectations to the t whatever your expectations are. But please do tell me which promises he has broken. It might be hard to give me one broken promise since Trump is not even in office yet. But apparently some are already out aligning themselves with the democratic opposition and in opposition to the man who will lead us in our effort to make America great again starting on January 20th. They rather set him up for failure than support him 100%.

It may have eluded you but Bannon is also a Goldman Sachs alumnus and Conway was an ardent critic of Trump before she joined his team. Both were instrumental in getting Trump elected. Trump obviously knows how to hire the right people. He is not hung up on issues that seem to bother you. So, looking at Trump's important campaign hires I am very confident to remain 100% behind Trump. The man knows what he is doing. In that light I am ok if you call me a "simple blind sycophant".

Here's where you are still confused.The Goldman Sachs issue does not particularly bother me. I tossed it in my post because, 1). It's a factual part of Steven Mnuchin's bio and also makes some people nervous, because they think that specific association automatically makes him part of the NWO. I don't. Not everyone that works for that firm is in the Globalist plan or any other nefarious organization.  and 2). What you conveniently have left out is my concern over Mnuchin's former employer. THAT particular information should make that little light bulb above you head light up. Anyone associated with that devoted enemy of America, should certainly give them pause. Do some research on the like minded individuals employed or associating with George Soros. That data isn't hear say or some wild conspiracies. .

As far as Steve Bannon goes, (you brought him up - I didn't) IMHO he's a winner. He's a guy, who really knows the left. It's great to have someone of his ilk on the Trump team. I've said that at least a dozen times on this site. Again, I don't care if he worked for Goldman Sachs or Baskin and Robbins. We all know Conway now works for Trump. Okay. So what's your point? 

Another small foot note here. There are also some people that are critical regarding Trump's other choices - when he selected about 4 very wealthy individuals. Most people think of them as being part of the elite. Draining the swamp or just changing the water?  Hey, they may turn out to be good picks. Who really knows at this juncture?

So each time when you jump to your defensive 'Paul thinks he means such & such' conclusions, .....that are way off. Take a deep breath and re-read what's been posted. You may then come to a correct assumption.

Hmmm... The "nwo".  I'm reminded of how the massive Trump base had blood shooting out of their eyes when they learned that Marco Rubio met w/ the CFR. 

YET, not a peep over PE Trump having had a meeting w/ Henry Kissinger -- who is royalty amongst the CFR, Bilderberg and the Tri Lateral Commission "nwo" community.  Fact is Kissinger is a strong believer of eugenics; the depopulation of humans around the globe.  Remember "The Useless Eaters"?   The hypocrisy is equal to those on the left.

I came across a headline on this liberal rag Bloomberg news that talked about Trump surrounding himself with bankers and billionaires now after he railed against them during the campaign. It sure looks to me like some people are quickly switching to the same side as the libtard Bloomberg. (I can't tell you what's in the article or whether I quoted the headline correctly since I just glanced at the headline a couple hours ago.)

Frankmusic, let me repeat an earlier request since I am really curious about your perspective. Please do tell me which promises Trump has broken.

Contact information for Trump Trans. Team
E-mail him & tell him what you like or Dis-Like about HIS choice[s] for cabnet members
I DO - - ALOT!!!!




Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Michael RamirezPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


1 Billion Dollar Net Worth!!! Oberlin College Claims Poverty To Avoid Paying Punitive Damages To Gibson’s Bakery

Although IRS reports show the university is worth around $1 billion, Oberlin College still claimed poverty to avoid paying punitive damages to Gibson’s Bakery.

As Breitbart News reported this week, the far-left Oberlin College lost a defamation case filed by Gibson’s Bakery after a local jury found the university liable for falsely accusing the family bakery of racism.

The jury ordered Oberlin on Friday to pay Gibson’s $11.2 million in compensatory damages for defamation and intentional interference with a business.

Legal Insurrection reported on Thursday that “the jury awarded a total of $33 million in punitive damages, which will probably be reduced by the court to $22 million because of the state law cap at twice compensatory.”

Legal Insurrection has been following the case for two years — since the beginning — and reports that the school’s only defense against a sizable punitive award is to pretend it is poor, despite holding assets that amount to a billion — with a “b” — dollars and despite paying some of its staffers more than a half-million dollars a year:

Oberlin College was so hellbent on getting the message out that their cash liquidity was in such dire straits — as the eight-person jury was figuring out if they wish to add $22.4 million to the school’s legal verdict bill — that they brought out the school’s president, Carmen Twillie Ambar to the stand to tell that part the story.

“We’ve created deficits … and over the next ten years, if this continues, that is unsustainable and we will not exist,” Ambar told the jury. She even indicated the school’s grants — about $60 million a year from the school, and lots of students get those scholarships as only 10% of them pay the full $70,000 a year — were important to preserve as “the accessibility of education” was a key component of the school’s purpose.


The college has more than $1 billion in funds and net assets according to the latest IRS 990 form, an endowment fund that had grown from $440 million to $887 million in the last 20 years, and because of its non-profit status, pays no taxes on any property it owns.

It also had 18 members of their administration making more than $100,00 a year. The president and chief financial officer of the school were both making more than $500,000 a year.

Grifters gonna grift…

The day after Donald Trump won the presidency, this nutball school apparently decided to take out its impotent woke-rage on this poor bakery, which has been part of the Oberlin community for more than a century.

It all started when three Oberlin students (who would later plead guilty in a plea deal) attempted to steal bottles of wine.

The proprietors caught the students and, while attempting to hold them until police arrived, were allegedly roughed up by the shoplifters. But because the students are black and the proprietors white — and with no respect for due process or facts — Oberlin staffers and students decided some vigilantism was in order and did everything in their considerable power to destroy this local bakery forever, to smite it off the map.

Classes were canceled so hundreds of students could protest in front of the small store while enjoying free food and drink, courtesy of the school. School staffers handed out fliers that basically described the family-owned bakery as the local branch of the KKK.

As a result, the bakery had to lay off almost all of its employees and barely avoided bankruptcy.

In the end, the three shoplifters said race had nothing to do with what happened.

For those of you interested in incurring $200,000 in debt before you even enter the workforce, it looks as though you can major in Mob Justice at Oberlin.


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