Image result for abuse of power irsThe IRS is plowing ahead with controversial plans to use its files to try to prod more people to sign up for Obamacare — but the tax agency has promised Congress it won’t break any privacy laws.

The letters are set to go out beginning next week, and are aimed at Americans who are paying the tax penalty rather than obtaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The IRS says the 2010 law requires it to inform those individuals they could do better by signing up for the embattled program.

“In keeping with our commitment to taxpayer confidentiality, we will send the letters directly to taxpayers; under no circumstances will we share the identities of these taxpayers or any other protected taxpayer information with CMS or with any other entity,” IRS Commissioner John G. Koskinen told Congress on Oct. 31, in documents obtained by The Washington Times.

But congressional Republicans, already intent on repealing the health law, say tapping the IRS to boost Obamacare is dangerous, and risks disclosure of taxpayers’ secret information to others in the government.

According to congressional aides, the IRS is set to dispatch the letters in two batches before key enrollment deadlines.

It will send notices to 800,000 filers between Nov. 28 and Dec. 5 — ahead of the Dec. 15 deadline to buy a plan in time to be covered by Jan. 1. An additional 6.7 million Obamacare holdouts will see an IRS notice in January as the administration makes a last-ditch plea for sign-ups ahead of the final Jan. 31 deadline.

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Send him along.  Tell him to do his worst (best).  I WILL NOT sign up for this unConstitutional fine...  Tax?  It IS another DIRECT TAX, which is clearly FORBIDDEN in Article One of our Constitution.

if we have to have insurance or face a tax penalty then how come it isn't tax deductable

the IRS is due for a major over haul

the dc dictator in cheef, soon to be ousted by incoming Patriotic President Trump, and Vice President Pence. I'd say hang on, help is on the way!  Abuse of power, overreach, illegal and unconstitutional enforcement.  Let's see now,,,,,,,,,,,,remember peabrainlosi's famous quote, "lets passs the bill first, and then we can read what is in it." The dumb o crats on this list should be chased out of dc with mobs bearing torches!

Overhaul?  That's simple!  Enact HR25- the FairTax.  It's a national sales tax that will be collected by the States under contract to the Feds, so NO IRS IS EVER REQUIRED AGAIN!!!!

There are lots of reasons to like and enact the FairTax, but I like that one best.

While cleaning house/draining the swamp...,kick out the so called federal reserve..., and the so called united nations.

I thought I had a retort to the IRS letters demanding money, but I seem to have lost it.  Or ratherm this %^&*#@## computer lost it for me!  Sorry.

 Soon very soon the IRS of London England will be Abolished, their world will go to hell right along with Obamacare, bad, Obamacare is a Lie.

Americans are being Taxed by England and now the UN is taking it over, so the UK voted to leave the EU Union, because they want to tax the Queen.


Frank Hester

TPP’s Founder & CEO to be given an OBE
Frank Hester:

The Cabinet Office announced today that TPP’s Founder & CEO, Frank Hester, has been named on the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List. The list, which recognises the service and achievements of ordinary people across the UK, is announced every year just before New Year’s Eve. Early in 2015, Frank will be awarded with an OBE (Order of the British Empire), for his services to healthcare. Awards are usually presented by a member of the Royal Family at a formal ceremony.

  January 5, 2015-

America can never abolish the IRS, it's not their's to abolish.  Don't be fooled by the KABUKI theatre that is played before you...Learn who they are and how they came about and why.  They are the commercial collection agency for the IMF.  The whole fiat currency scam is run by international banking cartels.

Fractional banking, creating money out of thin air with ledger entries...

As long as you remain in the system, you are bound by the bullshit laws of slavery (debt).

America can never abolish the IRS, now thats very funny, so maybe this will ring a bell.

 Convention Of States To Abolish The IRS Of London England, according to our Constitution.

America can never abolish the IRS, very funny

So..., just exit the system. That would be the best way to take down the world bankers..., and the so called federal deficit,debt..., based on hot air printing press so called money. You know who I mean...,the elites that are proceeding with their plans to MURDER BY STARVATION AND GMO/POISON FOOD 95% OF HUMAN LIFE CURRENTLY ON THE EARTH. PLUS USING THE HAARP INSTALLATIONS TO CHANGE THE WEATHER..., TO FALSELY VERIFY THEIR CLAIMS OF GLOBAL WARMING..., TO TURN THE AMERICAN WEST INTO A DESERT..., AND USE THE ABSENCE OF WATER TO DRY UP AMERICAN LIVES . BUT THAT WILL NOT BE ENOUGH..., THEY WILL BE COMING FOR ALMOST EVERYONE SOONER..., OR LATER...,AND YET WE LET THEM LIVE!!!




Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


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