The information came back within 2 hours, as strange as it may sound, you know what here is the information. Attempt To Clone Jesus Underway, Despite strenuous objections from religious leaders and many people of faith from around the world, the Wyoming Institute of Technology plans on pushing forward with its controversial attempts to clone the reputed “Son of God”, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The genesis of the project started in 2012 when scientists at W.I.T. we’re contracted by the Vatican to aid in developing methods to preserve some of the churches most holy and potentially delicate relics. In the course of cataloging the relics scientists from W.I.T. became highly interested in the reputed “Lance of Longinus”: the spear used to pierce Jesus’ side by a Roman centurion as he hung crucified upon the cross. Small samples taken from the remnants of decorative tassels surrounding the head of the spear and wood from its haft were initially meant to aid in better understanding the precise preservation techniques needed. But an intrepid and curious researcher at W.I.T.’S applied sciences laboratory took it upon himself to attempt to extract and sequence DNA from the samples. Thanks to remarkable advances in genetic sequencing made over the last several years he was successful in isolating and extracting the DNA of what may very well be Jesus of Nazareth.

This DNA is unmistakably human, but does posses several small differences that have never before been seen. Several genes are present in the DNA extracted from the spear that do not exist in any other human, and their function is completely unknown. Scientists at W.I.T. feel that it is necessary to make a human clone utilizing this DNA so that observational data can be gathered regarding these new genetic markers.

Unfortunately the cloning of humans is currently prohibited by most nations of the world including the United States of America. But W.I.T. is excited to note that an agreement was made last December with the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea to host this potentially ground breaking project. An initial test batch of five embryonic clones has been created and are currently developing in host mothers. If they remain viable birth should occur no later than April of 2015.

The superstition surrounding this project has led to many threats of violence against researchers and workers at W.I.T’s facilities over the last three months. W.I.T. remains committed to morally guided, ethical based research- no matter what the cost. We will continue to function with the highest regard for human life and push for the advancement of science and the species. This project is a glowing example of the possible potential of the White House’s 2013 science advancement funding initiative. Without Federal grants and funding this project, and many others like it, would be impossible to do.

If We Can't Clone Jesus By DNA, Why Not By Virtue- Forbes

This past summer I picked up Sean Murphy’s best-selling graphic novel, Punk Rock Jesus, which is a bit like The Truman Show meets Please Kill Me: Jesus is brought back as a clone, the subject of a wildly popular and controversial reality TV show, until the teenaged Chris bails on the whole enterprise to become the leader of a punk-rock band and all-around rebel.

Cloning Jesus has become a well-known trope for good reason. When things look dire, wouldn’t it be great to bring back Jesus himself—or maybe Abraham Lincoln!—to save us all? But of course a clone can never be the same as the original. Besides, that lets us off the hook too easily. We can’t wait around for someone else to fix things. We’re far better off bringing back these transformative figures by learning from and acting on their examples.

 The Clone -ing Of Jesus Christ have they gone to far ?

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Will they create Christ or will they create a Christ they control, or maybe the can clone the Anti- Christ


Thank you Karma

I doubt that it is the original spear.

A lot of those relics were gathered long after Jesus was executed and there was doubt about the authenticity of them at the time of their collection.

Even if they collect the DNA, there's no other DNA to compare it to.

Hi Ralph,

 Hank told us they have the garment Christ was wearing the day he was crucified, and doubt now is it,  far beyond evidence that they are going clone Christ, unless people find a way to shut them down, They have been creating people, and maybe they think that they are a god now, who knows ?

I forgot about that.  The church never claimed it was the original, but, after all the testing done over the years, it looks more and more like it is.

But, your right, the cloning of people is a long way off and it would be wrong.

Trying to clone the son of God, ............... seems like they're just asking for trouble.

I think that God himself would have some say in that and I doubt it would be good news for those that are attempting it.

Yep, yes sir, but what is it they are trying to create a Anti Christ of some sort ?

The entire premise of this article is absurd.

The dead body of Jesus was not clothed in a garment. His body was wrapped in strips of cloth with various perfumes, and spices placed in the layers. In some cases up to 100 lbs of these spices and perfumes were used in burials. The head of the body was wrapped in a cloth like a napkin. Once all this wrapping was complete the body was prepared for the tomb.

The "Shroud of Turin" is not what clothed the body.

In addition Jesus was resurrected after three days and three nights in the tomb. He was entombed as a physical body and resurrected as a Spiritual body so that His physical body no longer existed having been changed to Spiritual. All of His former physical being was changed. All of it. Nothing physical was left to find, including blood on burial cloth or DNA on a spear.

As a Spirit Jesus can do anything. Even appear as a physical being, and He did so to His Disciples. In the Old Testament He even appeared humanly along with two angels, who also appeared as human, physical, beings to Abraham and his wife. The three even ate with Abraham. 

I am not a preacher and I don't pretend to be a "Biblical Scholar". I have read the Bible and continue to read it, along with historical accounts of Jewish customs that anybody can easily read for themselves.

The truth does not need to be embellished by religiosity of any brand or flavor. It stands on its own quite well.

My view of it.

Dale, other then your opinion, prove that this is not being done, because within their web site,  the Wyoming Institute of Technology, plans are moving forward to do just what is shared here.

Look. I gave my view of it. I really do not care what the Wyoming Institute of Technology has plans for, or that they are moving forward on doing what is featured in this article.

Man is known for creating gods. In my view this is but another attempt to do just that. They are going to clone the creator? Are you kidding me?

Common walking around the street sense is all it takes to blow this crap out of the water. Talk about foolishness. This beats all.

Mr. Dale Hearthman,

 The information is this, its illegal here in the USA to Clone Humans, but Democratic Party, People’s Republic of North Korea are.

 What they did, is found sample of DNA, stated in their report, the DNA found is different then any human DNA ever discovered.

 I agree its insane to even try to clone the Creator, it would be a abomination, to do so.

 Seeing how they can create life from blood or even old bones 10,000 years old or older, the concern is, what would they create if they do place the DNA that may be Christ into a embryo  and then place that into a host for a embryonic clone ?

But it is not the DNA of Christ. That simply no longer exists. So there is no may be possibility that His DNA is "found." It cannot be found.

As to the "Shroud of Turin."  Even though what it actually may be is an important curiosity, what is more important is what it is not. And that definitely would be the burial cloth used to cover the body of Christ.

Two monumental reasons why it is not, and there are many more as well.

One. Jesus was marred and disfigured more than any man, to the point that His own Mother could not recognize Him. He was savagely and brutally beaten beyond any recognizable appearance as to who he had formerly been. His face and features were totally disfigured by the brutal, tortuous beating he suffered resulting in a horrendous and agonizing tortuous death for all of mankind, including even those who administered it.

The only part of His body that wasn't broken were his bones. This method of human butchery and complete disfigurement was considered an art by the Romans.

Two. Not only does the Shroud indicate the recognizable features of a man, it is a man whose face is not disfigured beyond recognition, but it also indicates that he had long hair.

Jesus Christ did not have long hair. He said that it was a shame for a man to have long hair. Jesus was not a liar, nor was He a hypocrite.

This was God Himself, being butchered and put to death for us, so that the penalty for all of our sins might be paid in full, and that we might be forgiven for committing them.

Jesus Christ is on the Right Hand of His Father, and will come again to earth, not as a physical man, not as a clone of His former self, but as God in all of His Spiritual Glory, brighter than the sun in full strength, and that time is not far away.

We should be looking for that event rather than pursuing distractions of impossibilities, and marveling at willful ignorance.

My view.




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne


FBI Text Should Alarm Every American

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the reported FBI lovebirds, are the poster children for the next “Don’t Text and Investigate” public service ads airing soon at an FBI office near you.

Their extraordinary texting affair on their government phones has given the FBI a black eye, laying bare a raw political bias brought into the workplace that agents are supposed to check at the door when they strap on their guns and badges.

It is no longer in dispute that they held animus for Donald Trump, who was a subject of their Russia probe, or that they openly discussed using the powers of their office to “stop” Trumpfrom becoming president. The only question is whether any official acts they took in the Russia collusion probe were driven by those sentiments.

The Justice Department’s inspector general is endeavoring to answer that question.

For any American who wants an answer sooner, there are just five words, among the thousands of suggestive texts Page and Strzok exchanged, that you should read.

That passage was transmitted on May 19, 2017. “There’s no big there there,” Strzok texted.

The date of the text long has intrigued investigators: It is two days after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named special counsel Robert Mueller to oversee an investigation into alleged collusion between Trump and the Russia campaign.

Since the text was turned over to Congress, investigators wondered whether it referred to the evidence against the Trump campaign.

This month, they finally got the chance to ask. Strzok declined to say — but Page, during a closed-door interview with lawmakers, confirmed in the most pained and contorted way that the message in fact referred to the quality of the Russia case, according to multiple eyewitnesses.

The admission is deeply consequential. It means Rosenstein unleashed the most awesome powers of a special counsel to investigate an allegation that the key FBI officials, driving the investigation for 10 months beforehand, did not think was “there.”

By the time of the text and Mueller’s appointment, the FBI’s best counterintelligence agents had had plenty of time to dig. They knowingly used a dossier funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign — which contained uncorroborated allegations — to persuade the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to issue a warrant to monitor Trump campaign adviser Carter Page (no relation to Lisa Page).

They sat on Carter Page’s phones and emails for nearly six months without getting evidence that would warrant prosecuting him. The evidence they had gathered was deemed so weak that their boss, then-FBI Director James Comey, was forced to admit to Congress after being fired by Trump that the core allegation remained substantially uncorroborated.

In other words, they had a big nothing burger. And, based on that empty-calorie dish, Rosenstein authorized the buffet menu of a special prosecutor that has cost America millions of dollars and months of political strife.

The work product Strzok created to justify the collusion probe now has been shown to be inferior: A Clinton-hired contractor produced multiple documents accusing Trump of wrongdoing during the election; each was routed to the FBI through a different source or was used to seed news articles with similar allegations that further built an uncorroborated public narrative of Trump-Russia collusion. Most troubling, the FBI relied on at least one of those news stories to justify the FISA warrant against Carter Page.

That sort of multifaceted allegation machine, which can be traced back to a single source, is known in spy craft as “circular intelligence reporting,” and it’s the sort of bad product that professional spooks are trained to spot and reject.

But Team Strzok kept pushing it through the system, causing a major escalation of a probe for which, by his own words, he knew had “no big there there.”

The answer as to why a pro such as Strzok would take such action has become clearer, at least to congressional investigators. That clarity comes from the context of the other emails and text messages that surrounded the May 19, 2017, declaration.

It turns out that what Strzok and Lisa Page were really doing that day was debating whether they should stay with the FBI and try to rise through the ranks to the level of an assistant director (AD) or join Mueller’s special counsel team.

“Who gives a f*ck, one more AD like [redacted] or whoever?” Strzok wrote, weighing the merits of promotion, before apparently suggesting what would be a more attractive role: “An investigation leading to impeachment?”

Lisa Page apparently realized the conversation had gone too far and tried to reel it in. “We should stop having this conversation here,” she texted back, adding later it was important to examine “the different realistic outcomes of this case.”

A few minutes later Strzok texted his own handicap of the Russia evidence: “You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

So the FBI agents who helped drive the Russia collusion narrative — as well as Rosenstein’s decision to appoint Mueller — apparently knew all along that the evidence was going to lead to “nothing” and, yet, they proceeded because they thought there was still a possibility of impeachment.

Impeachment is a political outcome. The only logical conclusion, then, that congressional investigators can make is that political bias led these agents to press an investigation forward to achieve the political outcome of impeachment, even though their professional training told them it had “no big there there.”

And that, by definition, is political bias in action.

How concerned you are by this conduct is almost certainly affected by your love or hatred for Trump. But put yourself for a second in the hot seat of an investigation by the same FBI cast of characters: You are under investigation for a crime the agents don’t think occurred, but the investigation still advances because the desired outcome is to get you fired from your job.


 Trump Poised To Take
 Control Of The Federal Reserve 

  • The Fed doesn’t stabilize markets and money — it does the opposite
  • President Trump sharply criticized the Federal Reserve this week, saying interest rate increases are hurting the economy.
  • Trump will have the opportunity to fashion the central bank in the image he would like as he has four vacancies to fill on the board of governors.
  • The result could be a more politicized Fed.

President Donald Trump has multiple reasons as to why he should take control of the Federal Reserve. He will do so both because he can and because his broader policies argue that he should do so. The president is anti-overregulating American industry. The Fed is a leader in pushing stringent regulation on the nation. By raising interest rates and stopping the growth in the money supply it stands in the way of further growth in the American economy.

First, He Can

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is required to have seven members. It has three. Two of the current governors were put into their position by President Trump. Two more have been nominated by the president and are awaiting confirmation by the Senate. After these two are put on the Fed’s board, the president will then nominate two more to follow them. In essence, it is possible that six of the seven Board members will be put in place by Trump.

The Federal Open Market Committee has 12 members and sets the nation’s monetary policy. Seven of the 12 are the members of the Board of Governors. Five additional are Federal Reserve district bank presidents. Other than the head of the Fed bank in New York, who was nominated by the president, the other four can only take their positions as district bank presidents if the board in Washington agrees to their hiring. One of these, the Fed Bank president in Minneapolis, Neel Kashkari, is already arguing for no further rate increases.

Second, Regulation

Following the passage of the Dodd Frank Act in July 2010, the Fed was given enormous power to regulate the banking industry. It moved quickly to implement a number of new rules. The Fed set up a system that would penalize banks that failed to obey its new rules. These rules included setting limits as to how big an individual bank could be; how much money the banks had to invest in fed funds and Treasurys as a percent of their assets; which loans were desirable and which were not; where the banks had to obtain their funding and many, many, more up to and including how much a bank could pay its investors in dividends.

These rules have meaningfully slowed bank investments in the economy (the Volcker Rule) and they have had a crippling effect on bank lending in the housing markets (other agencies have had an impact here also).

Thus, of all of the government agencies the Fed has been possibly the most restrictive. The president has already moved to correct these excesses by putting in place a new Fed Governor (Randal Quarles) to regulate the banking industry.

Three, Killing Economic Growth

In the second quarter of 2018, the growth in non-seasonally adjusted money supply (M2) has been zero. That’s right, the money supply did not grow at all. This is because the Fed is shrinking its balance sheet ultimately by $50 billion per month. In addition, the Fed has raised interest rates seven times since Q4 2015. Supposedly there are five more rate increases coming.

This is the tightest monetary policy since Paul Volcker headed the institution in the mid-1980s. It will be recalled his policies led to back-to-back recessions. Current Fed monetary policy is directly in conflict with the president’s economic goals.

Moreover, the Treasury is estimating it will pay $415 billion in interest on the federal debt in this fiscal year. A better estimate might be $450 billion if rates keep going up. There are a lot of bridges and tunnels and jobs that could be created with this money.

Then there is inflation. It is likely to rise if the Fed eases its policies. If that happens paying down the federal debt becomes easier. On a less desirable note, higher interest rates lower real estate values. Lower rates that stimulate inflation increase real estate values.

Bottom Line

The president can and will take control of the Fed. It may be recalled when the law was written creating the Federal Reserve the secretary of the Treasury was designated as the head of the Federal Reserve. We are going to return to that era. Like it or not the Fed is about to be politicized.

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