Piles of unused Obamacare money at center of Zika fight

Image result for hhs piles of moneyA long-dormant fund worth more than half a billion dollars that is at the heart of Democratic opposition over how to pay for the nation's anti-Zika virus efforts, even though using the fund was first recommended by the Obama administration.

Republican aides who worked on the initial deal in June confirmed to the Washington Examiner that it was the Department of Health and Human Services that steered Senate Republicans to a pot of $543 million that had been set aside for health insurance exchanges that were never established in the five U.S. territories.

The money "had just been sitting there," a Republican aide close to the original negotiations told the Examiner. "Our understanding was this was not going to be a terribly controversial offset."

But the House-Senate measure to provide $1.1 billion to help stop the spread of Zika has been stalled in Congress since July and is likely to go nowhere when the Senate holds another vote on the measure Sept. 6.

Senate Democrats are blocking the legislation in part because they, along with their House Democratic counterparts, unanimously oppose the GOP plan to pay for most of the bill, $750 million of it, by using funds from elsewhere in the federal budget.

"Democrats are not going to support setting a precedent where emergency spending has to get offset," Matthew Dennis, a spokesman for the House Appropriations Committee ranking member Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., told the Examiner. "It would build a very dangerous precedent from the perspective of good government. The reason we have the power to do emergency spending outside budget caps is that it allows us to move more quickly, without having to haggle over offsets for everything."

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The Democrats want piles of slush funds to spend on anything they wish, without any Congressional approval.  So, they work to build additional piles of money, presented as "legitimate" needs to increase their plans to sustain bypassing Congress to govern.

one big stinking ponzi scam and we pay for it all VOTE TRUMP

What is that Democratic/Socialist cry about, "Never let a good crisis go to waste"

How much is slated for the partying of the First Welfare Family?

The democrats steal and steal and steal from the American middle class taxpayers to create enormous slush funds for them and George Soros to us at will to destroy our nation and transfer what wealth is left to themselves and buy favor with the enemies of America who will murder their stupid greedy butts when they deem it time ... they will treat them exactly how they treat the American people.. Time to realize that it is all Americans against the Soros invading army lead by the bobble heads Obama and Clinton... 

Senate Democrats want that Money to go to their pockets


I'LL TAKE IT!!   :)

It seems there is no level of honesty left in the government.

The congressional leaders are really the worst of the criminals because they have control of the purse strings. If they did their job, none of this crap would be going on. Pelosi, Boehner, Ryan, McConnell and Reid all belong on the gallows for what they have allowed to happen to our country. Obama should be tried for treason.

Remember, when Bill Clinton balanced the budget it was the last two years of his administration and Republicans were in charge of congress at the time.  When the big crash happened in the last two years of Bush's watch, the Democrats were in full control of the congress those last two years.

You have expressed my feelings exactly. We as citizens are going to have to ban together physically  and/or make our voice so loud they have to hear.

Yes I remember when Bill Clinton did this it was with Social Security money.




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