DC Congresswoman: DC Is ‘Proud To Be A Sanctuary City’


Washington, D.C.’s delegate to Congress told a group of protesters Thursday the nation’s capital is “proud to be a sanctuary city.”

“We are proud to stand with our immigrants, documented and undocumented alike,” Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said. “Donald Trump has worked up Republicans around the nation into an anti-immigrant frenzy that the Republican House has been eager to take up.”

Thursday protesters gathered in front of City Hall in D.C. to voice opposition to two immigration bills currently being debated in Congress; one, that has already passed the House, would strip sanctuary cities of certain federal funds and another would fine D.C. officials who fail to report illegal immigrants to federal agents.

“We will not allow Republicans to reach undemocratically into our city to deport our hard-working Latino and other immigrants, who contribute so much to our city,” Norton told the protesters.

The D.C. bill would require agents of the district government to report anyone arrested by city police who is in the country illegally to the Department of Homeland Security.

If the person is in the country illegally, DHS would be required to issue a detainer. Once detained, D.C. law enforcement would then be required to hold an immigrant in custody for up to 48 hours.

Earlier last week, the House voted to strip sanctuary cities of federal funds because Republicans said the policies of these cities led to the death Kate Steinle, 32, at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had multiple felonies and deportations.

Norton then turned her sights on Donald Trump, who has made headlines recently for comments he made calling some illegal immigrants “rapists” and “killers.” Trump is in the process of renovating the old U.S. Post Office Building, which is a few blocks away from the White House, into a luxury hotel.

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“Donald Trump has worked up Republicans around the nation into an anti-immigrant frenzy that the Republican House has been eager to take up.”

No correction....that's anti-ILLEGAL immigrants

tell that to the next grieving  parent that child is murdered by an illegal, who knows you might be the next one !

No such thing as an Illegal Immigrant!   Illegal ALIEN......Have to be legal to be an Immigrant. Talking heads .... all Lame MSM...don't know their a** from a hole in the ground!  Same thingy for Democrats.....not .... Democratic......no such thing!!!

The White House is a sanctuary city.  Crime committed....No enforcement..  Government protects government.

Wash DC is funded by the federal government. It is a city where white people need to stay off the streets after dark, but it is safe for Eleanor Norton Holmes. A previous Mayor( Marion Barry) was caught on video injecting heroin in office. It is a city on par with Detroit.

Who does this politician represent. Illegals. We are being destroyed from the inside by our own politicians. What an idiot.

hang that pile of excrement!!!!!

I hope that one of the tattooed gang children kills or rapes one of these so called representatives. See how fast they rest of them change their little pea brains. Starting with this dim wit. 

DC the state of fools.

Nobody pays this ignorant bitch any attention. 

Wait a minute. I do not recall the constitution calling for a Congress person in the District of Columbia. where the hell did that position come from ? That can not be done with a law. Laws can not  add to, change, modify or negate anything in the Constitution. Period. That would take a constitutional amendment.

She's a democratic delegate, but she sometimes refers to herself as a Congress woman.  You know.......she takes her cues from Obama apparently, and just makes things up as she goes.  She got into politics under Carter-----doesn't that explain everything?




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President Trump is expected to declare a State of Emergency at the US southern border on Friday.

Declaring the immigration crisis a national emergency is overdue. Presidents have declared national emergencies for nearly 50 years.


Barack Obama declared 13 national emergencies, 11 of which continue to this day. The Obama emergencies included the Swine Flu, Flint water crisis and Iran.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

As it turns out, there are currently 31 ongoing national emergencies over which the president wields certain authorities, the first of which has been in existence since 1979 and is one of only two emergencies declared by Carter.

There were a total of six national emergencies during former President Ronald Reagan’s tenure, as well as four more during the administration of former President George H.W. Bush, all of which have ended.

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