Doctors' Criticism Of ObamaCare Silenced By ACA Bureaucrats

Don't expect your doctor to stand up and protest about how the Affordable Care Act is responsible for so many of the health care problems that patients face today.

As a physician and a dentist in private practice, we have spent the past five years making the case that the ACA is harming our patients. While we get many varied and complex questions from them, the one question always asked is a simple one, but one with a more complex answer: "Why aren't more doctors speaking out?"

The primary reason is fear. Doctors are afraid of their new bosses — bureaucrats and their corporate employers whom the ACA empowered.

Thanks to the ACA, many physicians who have practiced as small employers have been forced to leave private practice to become corporate employees (a number that now represents more than 50% of all physicians). For physicians in this position, public advocacy against the ACA could be in violation of employment contracts or could be a source for dismissal.

Most doctors' contracts also include a two-year noncompete clause that essentially requires the doctor to move out of town once he or she leaves a specific job. So, running afoul of your employer by criticizing the ACA could result in not just losing your job but also forcing you to leave your hometown.

And that's not all. Many doctors are also afraid of losing insurance contracts. The vast majority of doctors who are still private-practice owners are dependent on a handful of large insurance contracts for revenue. Speaking out against insurance companies — which were complicit in the ACA's passage and are some of its primary beneficiaries — can result in cancellation of those contracts.

One insurance contract that represents 20% of gross revenue for a physician can result in a 40% decrease in take-home pay. When one of your customers controls that much of your income, you too would be reluctant to be openly critical of them and the federal law that empowers them.

Doctors are also afraid of increasing government audits. The government has been heavily involved in controlling health care since the introduction of Medicare in 1965, and along with that government intervention came rules and regulations that have mounted over the years into a byzantine set of contradictory laws — a system so huge and complex that no physician could possibly follow them completely.

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Another way Obama can control the people is to control the healthcare they receive.


This is a load of horse crap.  The doctors are cowards and no one forced them to sign on with a large corporation.  The go along to get along, better known as selling your soul for 30 pieces of silver.

My wife and I had our own business and unwittingly allowed one customer to become responsible for 40% of our business.  He then started to string out his payments until one day I had had enough.  I went to his office and told him he was fired.  He actually looked me in the eye and said you can't fire me I am 30% of your business.  I quickly corrected him and told him, no, 40% but I had a dilemma.  I can go bankrupt working for him, or I could go him, read a good book by the fire and go bankrupt and I just found a great book to read. Bye!!  Every other contractor in Los Angeles agreed to do his work at twice the price and CBD, Cash before delivery.  He was bankrupt in two years.

Some doctors are perhaps cowards, some are definitely not. There is ample evidence, such as in the above link that coercion has been used by government to force doctors into hospitals and out of private practice.  Obamacare added large administrative costs, and in a number of cases pays less to private practitioners than to hospitals.  Then there is the media. If a large enough number of doctors were to go on strike, the media will blame them, not Obamacare.In addition can a doctor who has taken and believes in the Hippocratic Oath go on strike? And if they did, would they be prepared to resist arrest?  One would hope that if enough went on strike they would get enough attention to awaken the people, but do the American people even know how to pay attention any more? Blaming the doctors is blaming the victims, except the ones who helped write the law and still support it, and they are not about to complain. 

If you live in a free society and you let someone bully you into silence you are a coward.

Eugene—Good for you!

This is how Obamacare attacked any problems it might have had with doctors.  We need hospitals and doctors to tell the truth.  Some nurses do - at what point will you stand for what you believe in.

Why are you physicians scared? Excuse me but does insurance pay the billions in co pays? Create your own insurance. The many doctors, surgeons, hospital staff ER, ect. Run into the millions. You pay for your practices, rent, mortgages, medical equipment, produce income for large pharmaceutical companies who in turn pay taxes, staff employees as tax paying citizens, you employ how many people through your one service? Hospitals couldn't operate without you, pharmaceutical companies couldn't operate without you, computer programs, drug stores, pharmacists, in other words a lot of companies would fold without your services that you have paid for college, taxes, ect.. You have more of a leverage than insurance companies. What would happen if all medical professionals decided to protest at once and for an unlimited amount of time? Even the insurance personnel have medical needs, their familie too. No doctors, no surgeons,no dentist, no emergency rooms. You have absoultly no reason to be afraid. Do what you need to do with Obama care NOW.




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