Sarah Palin, Will She Run For President?

Sarah Palin, a very strong Conservative, may decide to run, she has a very strong following. There is only one Sarah and the libs are scared to death of her, sort of like they were of President Reagan, I remember all the b. s. they were mouthing. They know she is formidable, she can raise a half dead audience to their feet cheering.


She said a candidate like Hillary is no obstacle at all.


I know she would bring this country back from the abyss BHO and company has taken us to, bring back our military strength and regain our once held respect in the world, she would renew our relationship with our allies and be formidable to our enemies, we would return to the Constitution and the Rule of law, as set by our Founders, the countless executive orders would be examined for elimination and that damnable Obamacare would see the kiss of dearth…


Now there is a woman. She has the qualities of a Margaret Thatcher. The question is will she throw her hat in the ring, I hope she will in spite of foul mouthed addlebrained liberals who know she is capable of sweeping the floor with them, like an iron lady

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Sarah Palin surely does set the standard by which anyone else must be measured -- including the amount of vitriol resulting from her existence intersecting with the excrescences known as, among other things, liberal.  You know, the old saw about the more nastiness they toss at the fan the more likely it is there is someone or something worthwhile upsetting them?   However, she is a human being with a family that will be hammered on in the media (if not in reality) and that is one consideration.  The other is -- is she more valuable running for/serving as President of the United States, or as a private citizen, conservative voice extraordinaire?  And what does God have in mind for her, and for us?  //  I did the attached at the time the Town Crier poll results were announced.  Slightly different version of Run, Sarah, Run! 


You are right, it's in God's hands, but I would be thrilled to see her run, unshackled, completely free from restrictions. When she was with McCain he controlled everything she said. McCain was and is an idiot. If the names were reversed on that ticket she would have won, McCain was to busy telling everybody what a great guy Obama was and that, should he win, he would make a great president, I damn near fell out of my chair. McCain had the audience yawning, Sarah had them cheering.

I wrote this article that fits well with this item!!!!!

Extremely well done, well thought out, garnering attention and worthy of reading..

There are so many now that have thrown their hats in the conservative ring, it's hard to say. I'm thinking yes. Her constructive criticism and factual truth's would definitely destroy Hillary Clinton as being the first woman president. Even if Sarah Palin didn't win, nether would Hillary. Just my 2 cents.

Yes, there are quite a few but look at them, how many have real executive experience, how many have experience in foreign affairs? How many have had the responsibility of missile deployment the way Sarah did? How many have the kind of clearance that she had? How many have taken on the existing powers, made a mockery of them and defeated them as she has done? You will find that there are possibly none. We’ve seen what a no-record senator like BHO can do, how he was never vetted, how the Congress coward because they were to afraid to uphold the law for fear of being called racist, they wouldn’t join the Sheriff of Arizona and stand with him in his findings that would have called for Obama’s impeachment. This country has gone damn near to hell, not just by and through the ,Trojan Horse, Obama, but our miserable congress as well.


If Mrs. Palin where to run for office, I would vote for her.

You and countless others.

If Sarah Palin runs.......she has my vote!

I think the world of Sarah Palin, from when she was selected to be McCain's running mate.  However, she's toting a whole lot of baggage, what with some of the things her children have done, or said to have done.  I believe she'd be kept busy trying to put out little wildfires all over the place.  I believe she would make an excellent President, but just don't think she could overcome the negatives that I guarantee you will be out there.

She already has overcome everything that the idiotic left has throne at her, name anyone with more honesty and integrity than she ?  And if she is elected she will have a lot of GOOD  people at her side, something the liberal candidate will not be privy to !

You are so right, lets make it happen, the Tea Party must seek her out to run, win and fight to save this country, or our children will have nothing but big government in their face their entire lives. Look at the number of things that people use to do and take for granted, freedoms, LOST. We can’t continue or our Constitution will be useless.




“You’d Go To Jail For Contempt”FBI Refuses Order To Produce McCabe Communications

Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter reports that the FBI refuses to produce outgoing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s communications in response to “a government watchdog group that has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a former senior FBI special agent.”

Carter reports:

The communications in question are related to McCabe’s wife’s unsuccessful run for Virginia State senate and might also contain invaluable information on McCabe’s role in the Bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server used to send classified information, several former FBI sources and a government official told this reporter.

In January, Judicial Watch, a formidable conservative watchdog group based in Washington D.C., filed a lawsuit against the FBI for the communications on behalf of retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jeff Danik. Danik spent more than 28 years with the bureau as a supervisor in the counter-terrorism division and special overseas advisor. Danik filed his original Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in October 2016 for McCabe’s communications.

“They have not produced not one text of McCabe, not one,” said Danik, referencing the bureau. “The government is out of control and it’s astonishing. Do you know what would happen if the government subpoenaed you for information and you didn’t produce records that you had in your possession? You’d go to jail for contempt.”

Carter recently told Fox News host Sean Hannity that Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is investigating whether or not McCabe asked bureau agents to “change their 302s.”

A day after the New York Times reported FBI Director Christopher Wray confronted McCabe over unspecified findings in DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, the Washington Post reveals the embattled bureau official is being probed over his role in examining emails found on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

That’s not all.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has hinted to his nearly 320,000-strong Twitter followers that the next bombshell to drop could involve McCabe’s mishandling of classified information.

“Here’s the next shoe to drop -> was Andy McCabe using secure comms to send/receive classified information? Someone should check on that,” tweeted Bongino. 


Here’s the next shoe to drop -> was Andy McCabe using secure comms to send/receive classified information? Someone should check on that.


McCabe stepped down January 29th, as first reported by NBC News.

McCabe, who served a brief stint as acting director of the bureau, was already expected to leave. He will stay on “terminal leave” until he is eligible to retire with benefits in March,” reports CNBC.


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