State Department Sends $6 Million to Terror-Tied Palestinian UN Organization

The State Department announced Monday that the U.S. is providing an immediate $6 million dollars of funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), an organization that has been accused of aiding and abetting Palestinian terrorist groups.

The State Department press release regarding the “Humanitarian Assistance” read:

In response to the devastating crisis in Yarmouk, Ambassador Samantha Power, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, announced April 24 that the United States is providing an additional $6 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

This contribution will go toward the Yarmouk Emergency Call for Funds to provide urgent aid, reinforcing our support for not only those trapped in Yarmouk, but all Palestinian refugees and Syrian civilians for whom UNRWA provides a life-line. Yarmouk has been under siege by regime forces since mid-2013, and as many as 18,000 civilians remain there, 3,500 of whom are children. Throughout this siege, including the recent takeover of the neighborhood by ISIL, civilians have experienced severe restrictions on food, medicine, clean water, and electricity that have left the population on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.

The United States remains committed to addressing the needs of the Palestinian people, and this funding comes in addition to the more than $57 million in humanitarian assistance the United States Government has provided UNRWA’s Syria crisis response in 2015, bringing total U.S. contributions to over $63 million.

The United States continues to be UNRWA’s largest funder, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian refugee organization each year.

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A new bill needs to be introduced.  No money to foreign countries without the people approving it.  Via a internet vote.  This enrages me.  I don't want my hard earned tax dollars going to people that want us dead.

The use of the internet is not a good idea as that can be corrupted easier than other methods. What we need is a Congress and a Senate. We have neither as long as Reid and whoever takes his place is in office! Our Senate does not have to vote on any bill not sent to them and Congress cannot force Reid to stop tabling the bills! This would never happen 30 year ago because Americans would have went bonkers and Liberal media was not the treasonous pigs that they are today!

The State Department sending money to terrorists ?;....well, actually that is not new;....for the current administration had been helping / supporting radical islaminc-muslim terrorists organization with out taxpayer money since very long, long time ago;.....let's take a rapid look at a thing or two.
Let's be straight about this.


Lois Lerner, still not talking...(and she will not).....but that is is not?

So;....  IRS lawyer says scandal was overseen by D.C.,

Your Tax Money Funds HAMAS Payments of $2,000 to Released Shalit
Terrorists Upon their release, HAMAS gave $2,000 and a Nokia X3 cellphone to each of the Islamic terrorist mass murderers in the Gilad Shalit trade.  While it’s incredibly disgusting that HAMAS rewards terrorists with cash and other prizes like “The Price is Right” contestants, that’ not news. 

HAMAS always does crap like this.  Whatshould outrage you even more is where the money came from:  your tax dollars. Yes, that’s right.  Your tax dollars given to HAMAS and Gaza is what financed the $2,000 (and probably the cellphones) to barbaric, mass murdering Muslims. 

Where else do you think the money came from?  While it’s true that Syria and Iran both finance HAMAS, the fact is that the biggest financier of HAMAS is the United States government, which last year, gave $100 million to HAMAS and Gaza (and the West Bank)through USAID alone for Fiscal Year 2011. 

That’s in addition to other monies the U.S. gives HAMAS through UNRWA and other agencies.

And if by any chance, that does not disturb you enough?....just take another quick glance at another insidious event.CONFIRMED: IRS Gave Preferential Treatment to Malik Obama’s Charity – Now Found Linked to Genocidal Regime CONFIRMED:

IRS Gave Preferential Treatment to Malik Obama’s Charity – Now Found Linked to Genocidal Regime. In light of the recent revelations that the IRS has been unfairly targeting conservative groups, President Obama’s half-brother “got a sweetheart deal” from the IRS.

Lois Lerner, the senior IRS official at the center of the decision to target tea party groups for burdensome tax scrutiny, signed paperwork granting tax-exempt status to the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a shady charity headed by the president’s half-brother that operated illegally for years.

Lerner approved the foundation’s tax status within a month of filing.But now there is evidence that the Barack H. Obama Foundation is linked to terrorism and genocide.

And there you have it in short just to start your own research and investigation....if curiousity you have....and want to be informed about things this corrupted fraud-base current administration does not want anybody to unveil. 

To put it  simple;...

Federal Money Goes to Controversial Muslim Group

When (if ever) Lerner will be put in jail?
Perhaps, never;....and yet....

The Congress may have to take her out and blame her for everything so in that way she will be the fall-guy ....and the public hopefully satisfied will not see that everything comes from above....meaning ....White House (Mr Barack Obama, the impostor demanded to be called 'president'.

That would be  a very crafty way for the sold-out republicans there in Congress and Senate to shield Obama (once more)from culpability....and so the protection of / for this man will continue ...and  the American public may not see the suave scam of it.

And that for short.

Anyone out there surprised?.....I think not.

The u.n. --coming to rape and pillage a town near you

There isn't a jail big enough for the criminals running this country. It gone way to far and been left to police its own, and that's just not going to stop. It will take a band of Americans from all colors and nations to fight for freedom once again.

Who gave the money to the State Dept. to give away?   If money is allotted out of the House of Representatives, did they okay this?  Did they fund it?  Accountability, people.  Follow the money.

YES indeed! Find out WHO signed for THAT Terrorist funding? If any of the presidential candidates signed----Disown them!

no surprise here, the traitor fuehrer oblahblah and his minions funding our enemies!!!!!  hang them with a rope soaked in pig blood!!!!!

Hang Obama in a pig blood soaked rope!  TIME FOR A RECKONING! Time that thug despot in WH got what is coming to him.

Mary Ann be careful saying that because the FBI can have you taking away

Obama needs to GO. He has destroyed the country and the world. There is no doubt in my mind that he himself would like to hurt America. Wait and see what happens when he is no longer president. Such a piece of crap.

Wendy, today at work I heard a fellow worker say Obama is butting us in the toilet, and another worker said and Hillary will pull the flush handle! That explains it pretty much.




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Democrat Disaster! 53% Of Black Voters, 60% Of Other Minorities Say Liberal Media Trying To Help Democrats Impeach Trump

Thanks to President Donald Trump ALL Americans now know the mainstream fake-news media is an extension of the Democrat Party.

In a recent poll a majority of black voters and minority voters say the media is trying to help Democrats impeach President Trump.

And half of FOX News too, by the way.

CNS News reported:

Both black voters and other minority voters are more convinced than white voters that most reporters are trying to help impeach President Donald Trump, rather than report the news fairly – with a majority of each of the three groups holding that view – a new Rasmussen Reports survey reveals.

In the national voter survey, conducted November 12-13, 53% of all voters said most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump:

“When they write or talk about the impeachment effort, are most reporters trying to help impeach President Trump or block his impeachment? Or are most reporters simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?”:

“Help impeach President Trump”: 53%
“Block his impeachment”: 8%
Report “news in an unbiased an unbiased manner”: 32%

But, 53% of black voters and 60% of other minorities, compared to 51% of whites, said reporters are trying to get Trump rather than report the news fairly.

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