A police car burns on the street after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri Nov. 24, 2014. Gunshots were heard and bottles were thrown as anger rippled through a crowd outside the Ferguson Police Department in suburban St. Louis after authorities on Monday announced that a grand jury voted not to indict a white officer in the August shooting death of an unarmed black teen. (REUTERS/Jim Young)

A United Nations official criticized the U.S. justice system’s treatment of African Americans after a Ferguson grand jury failed to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown.

High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein blasted the U.S. for the number of young African Americans killed by police officers and the incarceration rate for African Americans. He also suggested Americans’ Second amendment rights led to police killings.

“It is clear that, at least among some sectors of the population, there is a deep and festering lack of confidence in the fairness of the justice and law enforcement systems,” Zeid said in a statement.

Zeid also pointed the recent case of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African American boy fatally shot by police in Cleveland, Ohio while carrying a BB gun.

“In many countries, where real guns are not so easily available, police tend to view boys playing with replica guns as precisely what they are, rather than as a danger to be neutralized,” Zeid said.

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If you could see the UN is leaving out "A Christian"  nation is still to hard to control in their demands.

Hey we cant help it if Hood Rat's get them self killed ! What is a Hood Rat that is a Black Teen that runs the streets wild because that is all they see is the Thug Mentality Mike Brown was a product of that environment, you see his parents telling there sad story now but where they when this young man needed a parent to teach him right from wrong to teach him to respect the law ...

These type of problems will continue until Black Parents take responsibility for the young people, the blood shed will continue but the sadist part is when you have children having children that is the biggest problem Black Americans have today, only they can stop this waste of life !

The question is; who is to be blame for this culture of corruption to flourished; the criminals that lie and deceive the people or the people that let them to continue the deception and created an environment of impunity and reward for these criminals by letting them to benefit from their criminal activities. Police brutality is real and is being cover up by the police Dept. and the media. The solution is simple, if they(The criminals) void the rule of law and trashed our constitution they set a precedent, the laws are not to be enforce; this will allow the people to get justice on their own and get their own justice. Exterminate the criminals, like we do to rats when they infected our homes. Let's face is them or us; save our country do what is right. We must remember Germany the police state responsible for the killings of millions of German Jews. Poverty in America is a government created problem by passing legislation's(Free Trade) that demised millions of American jobs and the decrease of their wages. Crimes can be cut if the poor have jobs. this government must focus on jobs creations, not wars that created hate and terrorism in the world. 


And what third world Sh-t hole is this clown from ?

Zeid is a Jordanian Prince.

Ah, so he is pissed at us for drilling our own oil?

When will America understand that Brown was a drugged thug felon with an entitlement chip on his shoulder. He fought the law and the law won, period. The black community is the victim only because of their entitlement attitude toward everything. America has bent over backward and the blacks have taken advantage of it, especially the Sharptons and Jacksons who benefit the most. It is up to the black communities to arrest this criminal attitude of their neighborhoods, educate their children what is right and what is wrong, break up the gang mentality of the youth who have no moorings to morality, respect, and ambition. Obama and the rest of the ridiculous pundits are fanning the fires of racism trying to reverse the problem and place it on police brutality and white supremacy of the police, but they know and everyone else knows the opposite is true. Should the black community continue to act like a victim, nothing will ever improve.

Why would we care what the UN thinks?  We do not want ANY parts of them.

They are the very ones trying to shove agenda 21 down our throats.

exactly, American's you had better read up on just what agenda 21 is and how it screws you, and our nation as a hole, other wise if completed we will be living under communist rule.

So what else is new from the UN?

Can we get this over with. They will not stop until we do. 




Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Joe Biden On Violence Against Women:   We Have To Keep ‘Punching At It, And Punching At It, And Punching At It’

 The audience laughed as he said this.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that America needs to be “punching” back to combat violence against women during Wednesday’s Democratic debate.

Biden was asked if he would tackle specific issues regarding the #MeToo movement at the beginning of his presidency, if he were to be elected. The former vice president previously sponsored the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which aimed to protect victims of domestic violence.

The presidential candidate responded to the question about assaulting women by using the phrase “punching” repeatedly, apparently not thinking about the implications of using such a word.

“No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense, and that rarely ever occurs,” Biden said. “So we have to just change the culture, period, and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it. No, I really mean it.”

A few people laughed in the audience as he said this.

Biden added that it is important to pass the Violence Against Women Act, which has passed in the House and held up in the Senate. The former Vice President also suggested that America has to “fundamentally change the culture” of how women are treated, noting that it is “everyone’s responsibility.”

“It’s a gigantic issue, and we have to make it clear from the top, from the president on down that we will not tolerate it,” Biden said. “We will not tolerate this culture.”

Tucker's big takeaways from the Trump impeachment saga

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