My name is Major Charles V. Slider III and I am currently stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I am an African-American armor officer, proud father, and husband and graduate of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. I was selected for the recently convened Officer Separation Boards for the Department of the Army for a mistake over eight years ago. The mistake was a DUI in which I received a General Officer Memorandum for Record in 2006. Since this incident, I strived for excellence in every job that I performed.

I trained soldiers for deployments to Iraq as part of the surge into theater from 2006-2008. From 2008-2011, I attended and completed Ranger School, Air Assault School and earned the Expert Infantryman Badge. I commanded troops in combat in Afghanistan where I earned the Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal for Valor, and the Purple Heart for actions against a determined enemy in RC East. After the deployment, I was selected as the executive officer for the deputy commander for the Combined Arms Center of Training at Fort Leavenworth serving in the capacity as the daily assistant for a general officer. The following year I was selected among a field of majors to attend the Commanding General and Staff Officer College at Fort Leavenworth, as well as the school of advanced military studies. Both prestigious institutes serve as the educational nexus for field-grade officers. Upon graduating from SAMS in May 2014, I was notified that I would not receive an assignment due to being assessed as high risk the GOMAR in my restricted file.

On August 1, I was notified of my removal from active duty service. Although I accept this fate, this is not justifiable due to the sacrifices that both my family and I have endured. 

As a resident ILE/SAMS graduate, my interpretation of this entire process is that it involved no critical thinking about the types of officers maintained in the current military structure. In certain cases, specific skills, attributes, and character traits are required in order to provide a balance of the warrior scholar. To this end the board process chose individuals for elimination that met all of the requirements, but possessed one black mark.

Instead of using judgment and common sense in determining the number of officers required for service, an arbitrary number was provided. This created a system in which officers were selected based on a mistake rather than their overall contribution to the Army. One lapse in judgment does not constitute a pattern of misconduct, nor a judgment of overall character. These types of decisions knee-jerk reactions within the Army have the potential to erode trust within the lower ranks.

As an officer, I believe that we should be judged on our body of work, not one isolated incident. Furthermore, this act to remove me from service serves as a blunt example of how stoic and regimented the board process is as a system. As a Purple Heart recipient and proud member of the service, my family and I have given the Army our never-ending faith and commitment. However, the Army has seen it fit to remove my services as an officer from its ranks. Although the details of the board instructions will remain hidden, this also serves as ironclad proof that these awards are merely a method to provide credibility to a force that has integrity issues and morally barren for true sacrifices.

This letter is an attempt to highlight the issues residing within an unfair system and to provide context to others within the system. As a combat veteran of two theaters, Iraq and Afghanistan, I do not expect to be treated differently or to receive any sort of pat on the back. However, my actions after 2006 prove my family’s enduring faith to an ever-evolving conflict and requirements to serve. I have served this great nation with distinction and honor and deserve a valid explanation of why its leaders choose to remove my services from the American people. I accomplished every mission presented to and went above and beyond what is expected of an Army officer. I hope that this letter finds you in good faith.

Very respectfully,
MAJ Charles V. Slider


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For the liberals there is nothing worst than a good employee, a decent man, a respectable man especially coming from a black or a latino.  Is against their cause because they want to describe us as unhappy, unsatisfied, resentful people because in their mind "we have suffered".  To that add the money that Sharpton, Gutierrez and Jessie make out of that.  Therefore, we are intolerable and discardable.

We should thank the Marxist media networks for supporting racism by giving Al Sharpton a program. We now have 3 networks that we can label Marxist and treasonous and this is less critical than what they deserve!

I don't think this has anything to do with race. I think it has to do with how honerable this man is. Possibly it has to do with the fact that he is brave, intelligent and deadicated. They don't seem to have any use for a person with those qualifications. Maybe if he were gay or a cross dresser he would be more suited for the fairy, limp wrist military they seem to want to build now.

Anyone with his acomplishments is now intolerable and discardable. There is no honor aloud among slim.


Thank the board for relieving you of duty so now you can defend the America that we the people deserve. Thank them for all the training we will need in the near future. We thank you for your families sacrifices and service.

It's just business. Nothing personal just business. That's what you get when you have a Chicago style commie with his Islamic sympathizes in government. There is No Honour in this administration. I think the pink slipping that was done to you and other military personnel is disrespectful and dangerous. God bless and help everyone of our military families.

After the Vietnam war the Army did the same.  Every officer in my Special Forces company with combat experience was rifted and replaced by officers with no experience.  It was disheartening for us enlisted soldiers to have to work for officers who had little concept of the SF mission except what they read in training manuals or were taught at SF Officer's Course.  The Army lost some of the best officer it had.  It is sad that we are doing the same thing to our combat experienced officers again.  P

Who were you with? I was Company D of the 7th from '68 to '71. I heard that many were bounced after the government surrendered in Vietnam.

Good is bad to liberals.

I wonder if he said he would not order his soldiers to fire on American citizens.

I dont believe it was personal,but that being said the Military is being purged of all old school thinking personel not because of the color of your skin not because of your rank but because they feel you are a threat to a new kind of military. With your record I would petition their decision. One thing if I may, you are a major and a armor officer not a african american major. Skin color has no bearing unless you believe that this was the cause of your termination. Thank you for serving.

I agree with you completely. I didn't see a Black man when I looked at his picture-I saw an American hero doing his duty!

Thank you Sir, for your service to OUR Country & to your wife who 'served right beside you every step of the way'

It is with a sad & heavy heart that I see what/where/how The United States is headed & as a vet I share your 'pain & loss' by being removed from 'active duty'.





Romney Handed Shock
Defeat By Own State’s GOP

Mitt Romney is back in state politics, this time in Utah instead of Massachusetts. However, conservatives in The Beehive State aren’t exactly warming up to the 2012 Republican standard-bearer quite the way many people expected they would.

After finishing second in votes at the state GOP convention, Romney will now face a primary in his run for the Senate seat being vacated by Orrin Hatch, Fox News reported.

At the convention in West Valley City on Saturday, Romney polled just behind state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

Kennedy captured 50.18 percent of the delegate vote compared to Romney’s 49.12 percent.

That means the two will face off in a primary on June 26 to determine who will represent the GOP this fall.

Romney, the first Mormon to head a major party ticket, is considered an extremely popular figure in Utah and was widely expected to have an easy path to the upper chamber.

In a hypothetical matchup with Democrat Jenny Wilson, at least one poll showed Romney up by 46 percent. That’s, uh, slightly more than the margin of error.

However, among party loyalists, Romney isn’t exactly viewed with unalloyed fondness.

The 2012 presidential nominee was always known for being decidedly moderate, particularly on issues of immigration and global trade. There was also the fact that he ran a campaign so bumbling that it almost made Michael Dukakis look good.

And then there was Romney’s war of words with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, which likely led many to perceive he secretly wished Hillary Clinton would take the Oval Office.

Trump would later consider Romney as a secretary of state pick, although how serious the president-elect was about appointing him is something we’ll likely never know.

While your average Utah Republican is unlikely to let these slights affect their vote, hardcore party activists probably don’t want another RINO who isn’t exactly known for his rapport with the president in the upper chamber of Congress, no matter how famous he may be.

For his part, Romney tried to put a good spin on the humiliation.

“I’m delighted with the outcome. Did very, very well,” he told KSTU. “On to a good, important primary ahead. This is terrific for the people of Utah.”

Dude, you just lost to a guy nobody has ever heard of. However, Kennedy was happy with the results, and unlike Romney, he had good reason to be.

“I’m a candidate with a compelling life story and a unique set of life circumstances I’d like to use to serve the people of Utah,” Kennedy said.

I have no idea what that story or those circumstances are, but I think the key point here is that he’s not Mitt Romney. If he wants to win, that’s pretty much what he should be focusing on. I can see the billboards now. “Mike Kennedy: Not Mitt Romney.” “Mike Kennedy: He didn’t borrow Ward Cleaver’s haircut.” “Mike Kennedy: Because Utah deserves a senator whose favorite food isn’t buttered noodles.”

Utah’s electorate tends to be less conservative than convention-goers, so it’s unlikely that Romney won’t be the GOP nominee for Senate. However, that’s not a 100 percent certainty — and it wouldn’t be the first time he’s lost to a Kennedy.

What do you think?


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