When All that Remains is Deceit, Tyranny and Treason

When even Marxist and “progressive” icon Noam Chomsky is sounding the alarm about Obama’s dissolution of human tights and the US Republic, one knows that America is in the deepest trouble it has been in since prior to the American Revolution in the 1700s. I would even venture to state that the situation in which we find ourselves today is far more dire than in those early days; when my ancestors fought in the American Revolution in order to establish this country.

Scandal after Scandal to Divert and Deceive

To date (there may even be more before I’ve finished writing this column), Obama’s scandals partially include (some reports show that these scandals are now in the mid-30+ range) the below items:

1. Fast & Furious–In an attempt to repeal the Second Amendment, Obama said US gun shops supplied weapons to the Mexican drug cartels that caused the murders of at least 2 Americans and hundreds of Mexicans. In actuality, the Obama-Holder team
supplied the guns to the Sinaloa cartel by ordering gun shops to sell them to the drug traffickers…or else. ObamaDeception

POLL: Is the United States becoming a Police State?

2. Benghazi and Fast & Furious Middle East–The Obama syndicate was caught supplying heavy weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria. Also, Adm. James Lyons (Ret.) advised on Fox’s Lou Dobbs show 2 November 2012 that Stevens’ and other Americans’ deaths in Benghazi were due to a botched pre-panned kidnapping. Adm. Lyons also told Dobbs that help was available to assist in saving them. ObamaDeception

3. IRS targeting conservative groups to assist Obama in winning election in 2012–The Obama syndicate and its IRS operatives (most notably Lois Lerner) were involved in protecting their boss Obama. To this day, the Obama syndicate–including its head of the DOJ Eric Holder–has continued to stonewall Congress and refuse to provide of the information it has requested

4. Obama’s targeting of journalists (most notably FNC’s James Rosen) for doing their jobs of investigation, including the governments hacking of former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkinsson’s computer

5. US Atty. Gen. Holder’s continuing perjuries over F & F Mexico and Middle East

6. Sebelius’ shakedown of corporations for donations to the ObamaCare Obama takeover of the US healthcare system

7. Obama “green” energy projects–which all failed–funded in the multiple $$Millions to $$Billions of US taxpayer money

8. Obama syndicate’s aid and comfort to enemies of the USA (Treason) via sending millions of US dollars to our sworn enemies–including recently more $$Millions to Hamas–and the recent release from Gitmo of the 5 worst and most dangerous Islamist terrorists there

9. The ongoing nationwide Veterans Administration scandal of V.A. employees dollars for Vets deaths (to date estimated as at least 40-100)

10. Obama’s attempt to turn military deserter and Taliban collaborator Bowe Bergdahl into a hero

11. Obama’s continuing obliteration of our energy resources in the USA and hundreds of new EPA regulation of both land and water, in a blatant attempt of the ObamaGov to remove these from US citizens

12. Obama has now illegally opened the US Southern border to all comers–with special emphasis on “young illegals”–and has warned the USBP not to stop them. This is another example of aid and comfort to the enemies of the USA (as we now have no clue as to whom is entering the country)…which is treason

The above shows only eleven of the Obama scandals but, I trust, they give a good cross-section of their breadth and depth.

Abject Tyranny and Treason

Obama’s tyrannical behaviors and policies are now almost legendary around the world. Like an Emperor, he now writes his own legislation to bypass Congress and overrule US laws. While much of the world now views Obama as a feckless and increasingly weak politician, the American people watch the establishment of an all encompassing Obama Police State with increasing fear. This is tyranny.

Despite protestations–even that from leftist pollsters–from the American people to the contrary, Obama is determined to implement his policies geared toward the destruction of the United States of America.

Obama has unilaterally written (via EO) his own laws and regulations–many if not most contrary to US laws–which will now lead to the decimation of energy in the USA. He is still sending millions of dollars to the enemies of our country, arguably to help them in their effort to obliterate us–aid and comfort to our enemies…that’s treason.

read more here: http://gulagbound.com/44999/when-all-that-remains-is-deceit-tyranny...

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Obama is a pathological liar,psychopaths and sociopaths. This man should be impeached by congress as soon as possible before the people turn into violence.


Juan, while I agree with you that the House should impeach Mr. Obama, it wouldn't stop him and might even make him more dangerous. I say this because the Democrat controlled Senate will never vote to convict an impeached Democrat president.

Keep in mind it takes 67 votes in the Senate to convict and the GOP only holds 45 seats. I don't see the GOP picking up 26 or so seats, taking into account the RINOs, to be able to convict Mr. Obama.

With impeachment, Mr. Obama might be tempted to take off the gloves and become a full-fledged dictator, suspending the House for such arrogance as to defy him as "commander-in-chief of the country." He might use a crisis, real or manufactured, to declare martial law and suspend the 2016 elections and the Constitution.

By the way, I like your choices mention below for president. I'd also include Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal. But I believe the Establishment Elite GOP will nominate an older middle of the road rich white man and lose the election to Hillary Clinton.

Roberto, many people seem to be confused on the issue of Martial Law.  Here is an excerpt from wikipedia:

In full-scale martial law, the highest-ranking military officer would take over, or be installed, as the military governor or as head of the government, thus removing all power from the previous executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

By declaring Martial Law, Obama would be putting himself in the position of having NO CONTROL whatsoever!  I'm sure he couldn't stand that!



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_law (second paragraph)

maybe not so?  Obama keeps firing all the top military leaders...  I have not caught who he has actually replaced these officers with.  Assuming, they are yes men, but unsure...  Does anyone know the officers he has replaced those who he has fired?

RFB, put yourself in the position of an Obama appointee for a moment.  Consider this . . . Obama declares Martial Law, and he's secretly counting on you to take orders from him.  Wouldn't you think, "hey, I am the one in control here . . . Obama, go screw yourself cause I ain't takin' no stinkin' orders from you!"

Isn't that human nature?  Wouldn't Obama be very stupid to take the chance that his appointee's might take that attitude if he declared Martial Law?  After all, the military would be in complete control!  He has no way of enforcing his wishes!


you might be more right than even our Prez could possibly be aware.  and our military has been the professional(s) throughout this nightmare -   it does seems every single vet and active duty military personnel member is speaking up against/not for Obama


The key word in that EXCERPT is "full-scale martial law." It's in essence referring to a coup d'etat by the military. However, in the US if a president declares martial law, he's NOT removing himself as the commander-in-chief of the military, not the country as Obama has declared himself to be, nor as the chief executive of the federal government.

So the explanation given in wikipedia is incorrect, or better put, incomplete. Hence, if an American president declares martial law, he's placing a region under military rule with himself still as the commander-in-chief of the military AND chief executive of the federal government. He's not relinquishing executive authority nor can he constitutionally do so, except as permitted by the 25th Amendment or through resignation as president.

Nor can the US military relieve a president of authority without invoking the Declaration of Independence in the "name" of the people. See Article 1 Section 2 Clause 5 and Section 3 Clauses 6 and 7 of the Constitution and the 25th Amendment.

As proof of this scenario, when Pres. Lincoln declared martial law he didn't remove himself as commander-in-chief of the senior officer he placed in command of the region under martial law nor as chief executive of the country. He maintain both with all the authority that accrued to both positions.

Furthermore, according to the SCOTUS, martial law doesn't suspend the Constitution. All martial law is saying is that when CIVILIAN authority has broken down and can't act, then the government can appoint MILITARY authority to maintain law and order until CIVILIAN authority can be restored. See Ex parte Milligan, 4 Wall. (71 U.S.) 2 (1866).

When martial law was declared in Hawaii in 1940 by the governor as a result of the Japanese attack, he did confer on the local general all his own powers as governor. But once again, the SCOTUS held that such a declaration didn't suspend civilian courts as long as they could function.

Considering that our current "commander-in-chief" of the country doesn't consider himself constrained by the Constitution I could see him acting in the manner I described. Thus as I implied in my scenario, a certain president might declare martial law and suspend Congress, the Bill of Rights, and the Right of Habeas Corpus. HOWEVER, he'd be in violation of the Constitution and would become subject to the consequences of the Declaration of Independence. I'm sure you're quite familiar with what Jefferson said about such a situation and the Tree of Liberty.


Although we are all here to generate a return to Constitutional Government, this should not mean that we must be bound by Constitutional Law to get there. As a matter of fact, adherence to the Constitution in a Patriots Revolt would actually be tying one hand behind our backs at the outset. Those of us who have served and fought wars do not ever...EVER want constraints to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory again.

Just so this point is clear.

Your point is clear and well taken.

As I've indicated, we may have to resort to the Declaration of Independence in order to restore the Constitution to its rightful place. As you imply, that by it's very nature would not be be in accordance with "constitutional law."

After all, removing a dictator by force and watering the Tree of Liberty is not within the Constitution. I'm  sure you agree Robert.

So while I advocate trying to use all the tools the Constitution provides, exigencies may not permit such.


And sadly I believe we're facing my last paragraph. But face it we must.


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Breaking: Jury Sides With Sheriff Joe
Smacks Down Establishment GOP’s Lawsuit

A jury has sided in favor of conservative icon, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, against the lawsuit filed by Austin Flake, the son of GOP establishment Senator Jeff Flake, and Austin’s ex-wife, Logan Brown.

Flake and Brown had filed a lawsuit against the Arizona sheriff for “malicious prosecution” after over a dozen dogs died on their watch at a Gilbert dog kennel.

The jury decided Flake and Brown had failed to provide sufficient evidence to back up their accusations of malicious prosecution by Arpaio, The Associated Press reported via Tucson.com.

Flake and Brown ran the kennel while Brown’s parents were out of town in 2014, the AP reported.

The two were still in college.

Initially, Flake and Brown were charged in the incident, but the charges were dropped at the prosecution’s request. Later, Flake’s in-laws pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after an expert determined that the facility air conditioner failed because it was not properly maintained.

Thus, the owners of the kennel were responsible for the death of the 21 dogs, and they answered for their crimes.

Nonetheless, Flake and Brown reportedly alleged that Arpaio had charged them to gain publicity and deal damage to Senator Flake — an establishment fixture within the GOP.

The two “contended the charges caused them emotional distress, contributed to the demise of their marriage and led the senator’s son to being suspended from college for an honor-code violation,” according to The Associated Press.

Despite the jury’s decision, the U.S. District Judge Neil V. Wake will not issue a final verdict until the defense explains why it didn’t turn over documents that may have benefited the plaintiffs, according to a statement from the plaintiffs’ attorney to The Associated Press.

“The struggle to hold government officials accountable has always required a steep, perilous climb,” the plaintiffs’ attorney said in a Friday statement according to KNPX.

“Although we disagree with the jury’s verdict, we are grateful we had the opportunity to force former Sheriff Arpaio and his subordinates at Maricopa County to account for their indisputably reckless conduct. Near the end of the trial, we discovered that the County failed to turn over documents that might have helped us prove our case,” he continued.

“The Court has ordered the County to explain its failure and indicated that it will not enter a final judgment in the case until a satisfactory explanation is provided. We will access our future options in this fight when the County complies with the Court’s Order.”

Charges that didn’t pan out are an annoyance to those affected — there’s no question of that.

But to claim that those charges — which were dropped — were the reason behind a failed marriage, and that Arpaio needs to pay is completely ridiculous.

What do you think about this story? Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

Are you glad about the jury’s decision? Scroll down to comment below!


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