Bloomberg And His Progressive Socialist Friends Again Attack Our Rights

We are facing another concerted attack by the Progressive Socialist (think Stalinist ideology) gun grabbers. This time our Second Amendment is being scrutinized with an eye by them to redefine what it means regardless of what the SCOTUS has ruled. This is not just another instance when the gun grabbers capitalize on the gun violence (especially in the gun free shooting galleries they have set up by legislative decree) that is part of American Life for many diverse and probably contrived reasons.
Granted, the Progressive Class of Elites consider the Second Amendment as the only thing standing between them and total power, but unless we wake up and stand up for our rights we will lose them. the best way to start is to debunk all the crazy Political Correct lies, spin, half-truths, and stupidity in the regulations and laws the Progressive gun grabbers have saddled us with, all in the name of 'Public Safety' of course.
I have to fully agree with them on the 'For Safety' aspect, but it has basically been created for "Their Safety", not for the public's. They are so afraid the public will finally stand up on their hind legs and oppose all the crap and corruption the Progressive Elite's have created over the last hundred years, they want the public dis-armed so better to control them through terror tactics like those used by Mao, Stalin, and Hitler. 
Think rationally for a minute and you will see through the lies they have made part and parcel of the public mind. Look at the open shooting galleries er gun free zones they have created. Schools, Universities, Churches, Theaters, Civic Centers, and then Google all the incidents of serial shootings before and since those areas were designated. You will see the vast overwhelming majority of them were in the places where the Progressive Elites have legislated away the rights and means of self protection in these areas.
Right now the self serving Elitist Michael Bloomberg is planning on spending $50 Million Dollars ( ) to organize voters to force the implementation of his personal Ideology on guns. )  Such arrogance is the norm for these Progressive Elitists who believe they, and only they, are intelligent enough to decide what we can and cannot do. They also want total power because of the unending money supply that comes with it.
One of the ridiculous  that the Elitist's use is 'Every time there is a shooting the Second Amendment proponents trot out the Second Amendment as undeniable proof that Americans are entitled to own and use guns and say guns don't kill people, people kill people.' What they refuse to admit to themselves and to the people they are trying to convince that guns prevent more crimes and save many many more innocent lives than they take.
The Second Amendment says, in full: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It was only in 2008, inD.C. v. Heller, that the Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment applied to an individual’s right to own a gun. I would say in that ruling the Supreme Court simply reaffirmed what was before that generally understood until the Progressive Gun Grabber Faction saw how well it made the population vulnerable to the excesses of the ruling class.
You have people like Michael Waldman, the president of the Brennan Center for justice at the NYU School of Law claiming that a radicalized NRA entered the gun debate to elevate an obscure Constitutional provision ( the Second Amendment) and through a focused drive by Conservative oriented lawyers, forced it to the Supreme Court in the 2008 DC v Heller case. He also charges Chief Justice Antonin Scalia of "Originalism" in twisting the provision to include the Constitutional protection for individual ownership of guns and show it as a base for his contemporary argument. This from someone who should know Constitutional Law and is charged with training the next crop of Lawyers. I guess you could expect it from the Ultra Progressive State that Bloomberg and Cuomo rule as a personal fiefdom.
The Elitist Progressive Gun Grabbers totally ignore and downplay the fact that it ( the Second Amendment) was deliberately put in by people who had just fought a war against an oppressive and unresponsive Massive Central Government. Those Founders wanted the people to have the tools to oppose their own government should it become like the one they fought so hard to throw off it's yoke. They knew from experience that the people would need more than words if and when the Federal Government became just as massive and unresponsive.
As I see it, the problem is two fold, the incidence of serial shootings reaching almost 100% at designated gun free zones, and the excessive reporting of the shootings in the most sensationalized and graphic of terms. Both of these come together to create a shooting gallery where the victims are legally banned from any means of self protection in the area, and the shooters knowing they will be able to initially rack up a large body count that will give them their 15 minutes of infamy. Until we force the benighted government officials to admit they erred seriously with the zones, and until we rein in the sensationalist reporting s of 24-7 news reports that make the sensationalism necessary for the ratings, we will continue to see the senseless killings continue.
Anyone with even half a brain should be able to see that since the overblown sensationalist reporting on the Columbine shootings, most of the subsequent shootings have been eerily similar to the point of almost being copy cat killings. The things law abiding Americans are seeing is the ideology of the Progressive Socialist movement coming home to roost. We need to change our outlook and go back to a moral society that Punishes wrong doers instead of the ineffectual process of trying to rehabilitate them. that has worked out about as well as trying to teach a pig to sing an operatic aria.

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Bloomberg can get hired guns. This is messed up when the elites try to take the common citizens right to bare arms away. The individual and their rights are easy for the 800lb government to easily crush.

I have said this before. If my state engages in gun cofiscation, i will.....NOT comply!

Whom do you speak of?

If they try to confiscate our guns: Does anyone else on here know what a .30 Caliber rifle bullet and a pound of Tannerite can do?!

No. Please answer your question!

The elite's wish to continue to create secret agreements, and so called laws, to allow them to continue to steal our labor from us, without our having any words, in the argument.  History shows that at a certain point,"WE" THE PEOPLE, will cease to obey their CONTRIVED LAWLESS LAWMAKING.  Because we easily see that "THEY", the elites, have us in a strangle hold, and will only continue to squeeze, unless, we decide to wrest the CONTROL FROM THEIR HANDS.  They think that we are too stupid to see that THEY created the so called "gun free", MURDER ZONES, to give them an argument, for more gun control, WHEN IN REALITY, IT IS THEY THEMSELVES, WHO CAUSED THE MURDERS,INTENTIONALLY, just to further their own agenda.  IT IS VERY TELLING, THAT ALL OF THESE OUTRAGEOUS MURDERS, ARE DONE BY MENTALLY DERANGED PEOPLE, WHO WITHOUT EXCEPTION, TO THIS DAY, ARE LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVES................BUT THEN, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM THE HEARTS OF THE INSIDIOUSLY EVIL,& BLIND LOVERS OF MONEY.

You wouldn't be suggesting that we should ban liberals/progressives from owning guns would you? ;-)

Nanny Bloomberg can spend himself into bankruptcy before the South allows themselves to be disarmed. There will be a bloodbath of epic proportions if that stupidity is attempted, especially here in Texas. Most likely, the states will pass laws similar to Wyoming's where any Federalie' comes in trying to enforce unconstitutional gun laws are subject to arrest & prosecution.  

Each County Sheriff has authority over a Federal agent! The Sheriff can arrest a Federal Marshall or any other federal agent such as a DHS agent!
Get to know your Sheriff, determine his allegiance to the Constitution and if he follows the Constitution, support him!
Otherwise, remove him!

Maybe one of Bloomberg's gun toting bodyguards will accidentally shoot Bloomberg in the head!

Do not comply, keep your guns as you are still protected under that law. This whole country has the right to bear and keep arms. It cannot be infringed. PEROID.

Everyone Forgets that Artical 4 of the Constitution the  9th amendement of the bill of rights All state very clearly that what is to this Document and to All the States Constitutions are at the signing or ratifaction of this Document is the Supreame Law Of The Land, and the 9th Amendment goes on to say it again that their are more Laws than These That are Keepted to the States and to the People ,see this is what they wan't us to think of just the 2nd a milita ,But that is NOT TRUE Their are a Hole Lot More Supreame Laws than thoes on the Federal Short list . My State Of Pennsylvania  Constutition states for the 2nd amendment Artical 1-Sec.21 That  The People Have a Right to Bare Arms For the  defence of themselves and their State, And that is the Supream Law of the land and Every State that has been Ratified since has a simlar .

 That Amendment goes on to say as Standing armies in time of peace are DANGEROUS TO LIBERTY, ie Cops .AND they OUGHT Not to be Kept up ,and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to,and governed by the civil power. 




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