Operation Chokepoint- DOJ Stealth Attack On Gun Rights.

Very recently rumors have been surfacing about a new wrinkle in the Obama/Holder stealth firearms ban/confiscation project or rather agenda to prevent arms from being accessed by law abiding American citizens. The information comes out from the Federal "Operation Chokepoint" program. That program is supposed to target payday lenders and Pornographers, but instead is targeting firearm manufacturers and sellers. It seems that the Holder Injustice Department is using Federal Financial Services Regulators to harass and control financial service providers through intimidation.

 They are targeting the very providers whom they deem have 'relationships' with legal but 'high risk' businesses. The original program was set to target businesses such as pay day lenders, escort services, porn producers, and sellers of drug paraphernalia. It was presented in that way so it would gain approval in the political arena so politicians could point to it and say look what I'm fighting even though though all those businesses are severely regulated and completely legal but not socially acceptable to most Americans. 

POLL: Do you believe that Obama is a threat to the entire Constitutional System? 

Originally in the minds of the uninformed and low information citizens, it seemed a laudable if not overdue project. However, in practice there was nothing within it to limit it to those practices nor even to insure that it would be used against them in other than a cursory manner. What is beginning to float to the surface on this is the DOJ and their controlled minions are leaning on lending banks to coerce them to stop lending to firearms sellers, manufacturers, and the same for ammunition manufacturers who sell to the public, evidently those who sell only to the government are exempt from the harassment. The basis behind this is the Regulators will cause the banks to sever relationships with the businesses and force those businesses out of business. 

Where the hell does the Government come off destroying a legitimate and perfectly legal business just to satisfy an Unconstitutional Agenda to ban civilian ownership of firearms? The Obama Administration has always held the American Public in disdain for their beliefs on Liberty and rule by Constitutional Law. Since it has not gotten it's corrupt plans to disarm the public through Congress it is trying to subvert the laws of the land to achieve it's dastardly ideals and impost them on Law Abiding Americans.

In case you are wondering, the NRA reported on this last January ( http://www.nranews.com/commentators/video/iain-murray-private-lendi... ), and even Breitbart commented in January ( http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/01/09/Congressman-Issa... ) citing Rep. Darrell Issa who is the chairman of the House oversight and reform committee, and Rep. Jim Jordan who is chairman of the Economic Growth Subcommittee, of sending Holder a letter demanding further information on the program. 

In the letter, Issa and Jordan stated, "the [House Oversight and Government Reform] Committee is concerned that both the goal and mechanisms of Operation Choke Point may constitute a serious mismanagement and abuse of the Department's FIRREA [Financial Institution Reform and Recovery Act of 1989] authority."

The NRA in a follow up report ( http://www.nranews.com/commentators/video/andrew-langer-operation-c... ) in the NRA news in April interviewed Andrew Langer ( Institute for Liberty) who said the program was expanding. The House Committee on Financial Services held a hearing ( http://financialservices.house.gov/calendar/eventsingle.aspx?EventI... ) where concerns over 'Operation Chokepoint' were expressed from both sides of the aisle. The NRA even has listings of banks like 'Bank of America' that have severed their relationships with the firearms industry ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2012/nra-investigating-s... ). It's not only banks that are acceding to the intimidation of the corrupt Administration on this subject. Services like Google Shopping, E-Bay, Craigslist, and Pay-Pal are now refusing to host listings for sales of firearms or ammunition.

Various Progressive millionaire funded Anti-Gun groups have had varying degrees of success ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ) and ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ) and it has also been reported ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ) that that arch Anti-Gun Millionaire Michael Bloomberg through his recently accquired anit-gun franchise "Mom's demand action for gun sense in America".

Bloomberg has used his massive fortune to also help fund his pet project Mayors against guns, and his rabidly anti-gun mayors have advanced plans to use city contracts ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ) to impose their personal gun control wishes even with the usual hard push back from their Police Departments. Even some pension plans have fallen victim to the Anti gun attacks ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ). The NRA has affirmed their intent to continue monitoring the events as they transpire and keep the American public informed like they have on these issues, http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ) ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ) ( http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2014/3/anti-gunners-want... ).


The public needs to be made aware of all of these infringements on our Constitutionally protected Liberties and Freedoms the corrupt and ideologically inimical Administration is perpetrating on the American public through the auspices of the DOJ to give them the color of law. Remember that in opposition to that corrupt Administration, the Firearm industry is experiencing an unprecedented growth in it's sales. That is a thumb to the nose so to speak to Obama and the Progressives who want to disarm us and impose a gun ban agenda.

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All those on the left should move to a commie country and let us live in freedom.

That would defeat their purpose. They want to destroy YOUR country.

As I said months ago, the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bare arms, but it doesn't give us the right to manufacture arms or ammo!

Lets think this through. I can with machinery be capable producing components to assemble a firearm for me (yes, literally me in a small shop) or even reload ammunition with self-made or bought components. Yet this is an action that is not implicit in the indvidual right to keep and bear arms? This is not high technology. I'm sorry, but I see the nonsensical problem of being prosecuted for manufacturing an arm or ammunition that I can otherwise by rights own and use. Do you? I cannot believe the founders intended this or made an oversight (they strove to be concise).

See you on the CA Political review (if you are that Metcalf)!

Is it possible to carry on a reasoned debate with someone who can't spell "bear?"

Well Rev I didn't know I was in a debate. I thought that a debate consisted of people talking and if I verbally said, people have the right to bare/bear arms, I don't think that they would take it as, I want to be seen in a Tee Shirt. But you have a good point. The way young people are texting today, twenty years from now, no one will be able to communicate verbally. Husbands text to wife: what's for dinner! Wife text back: whatever your fixing! God bless those who strive for perfection.

The bare facts,will suffice.

(besides, I wanted to play grammer cop, but resisted darn it!)


Absolutely astounding comment Robert.  What part of manufacturing of arms, or ammo, isn't covered by the Constitution?  Could you be more specific?...Semper Fi Nam 66-67 

That is my point. Nothing in the Consitution covers the manufacturing of anything. Take the auto industry, seat belts, air bags, pollution control, etc. What prevents the Government from doing the same thing to guns? Trigger locks required! We have a sin tax on cigarets, what about a luxury tax on fire arms? How much money are you willing to pay for a fire arm?

Robert, are you aware of the gap in federal law that allows an individual to make a firearm for personal use without registering it? That is the loop hole the sellers of the lower assembly for the AR15 style rifles use to sell them to the public. Ammunition can be reloaded, and everyone should get the necessary equipment to reload all the ammo you use. .22's can't be reloaded.

England has banned firearms, but has an incident of violent crime 2.5 times that of America.  Australia has banned firearms and has a violent crime incident 2.1 times that of America.  Canada has banned firearms and has an incident of violent crime 1.7 times that of America.  Take out the cities of Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Houston that all have a ban on firearms and America ranks fourth from the bottom of 194 countries in gun deaths.  An armed good guy stops an armed bad guy, you dummies. 

I've owned firearms since the age of  8, or 64 years.  During these 64 years, not one of my firearms has gone out and killed anyone.  In fact, Ted Kennedy's car killed more people than my firearms during this period.

We just had an Open Carry Walk in Tyler, Texas yesterday and while there were a lot of firearms present, not one person was shot.  Gee, go figure.  

Guns don't kill people, people kill people, you idiots.  If you don't like guns because you are ignorant of their function and application, don't buy and own one.  However, don't attempt to deny those of us who are educated, trained and understand their appropriate use ownership under the Constitution.  Get educated and then talk to us.



Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

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Political Cartoons by Steve Breen


Romney Handed Shock
Defeat By Own State’s GOP

Mitt Romney is back in state politics, this time in Utah instead of Massachusetts. However, conservatives in The Beehive State aren’t exactly warming up to the 2012 Republican standard-bearer quite the way many people expected they would.

After finishing second in votes at the state GOP convention, Romney will now face a primary in his run for the Senate seat being vacated by Orrin Hatch, Fox News reported.

At the convention in West Valley City on Saturday, Romney polled just behind state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

Kennedy captured 50.18 percent of the delegate vote compared to Romney’s 49.12 percent.

That means the two will face off in a primary on June 26 to determine who will represent the GOP this fall.

Romney, the first Mormon to head a major party ticket, is considered an extremely popular figure in Utah and was widely expected to have an easy path to the upper chamber.

In a hypothetical matchup with Democrat Jenny Wilson, at least one poll showed Romney up by 46 percent. That’s, uh, slightly more than the margin of error.

However, among party loyalists, Romney isn’t exactly viewed with unalloyed fondness.

The 2012 presidential nominee was always known for being decidedly moderate, particularly on issues of immigration and global trade. There was also the fact that he ran a campaign so bumbling that it almost made Michael Dukakis look good.

And then there was Romney’s war of words with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, which likely led many to perceive he secretly wished Hillary Clinton would take the Oval Office.

Trump would later consider Romney as a secretary of state pick, although how serious the president-elect was about appointing him is something we’ll likely never know.

While your average Utah Republican is unlikely to let these slights affect their vote, hardcore party activists probably don’t want another RINO who isn’t exactly known for his rapport with the president in the upper chamber of Congress, no matter how famous he may be.

For his part, Romney tried to put a good spin on the humiliation.

“I’m delighted with the outcome. Did very, very well,” he told KSTU. “On to a good, important primary ahead. This is terrific for the people of Utah.”

Dude, you just lost to a guy nobody has ever heard of. However, Kennedy was happy with the results, and unlike Romney, he had good reason to be.

“I’m a candidate with a compelling life story and a unique set of life circumstances I’d like to use to serve the people of Utah,” Kennedy said.

I have no idea what that story or those circumstances are, but I think the key point here is that he’s not Mitt Romney. If he wants to win, that’s pretty much what he should be focusing on. I can see the billboards now. “Mike Kennedy: Not Mitt Romney.” “Mike Kennedy: He didn’t borrow Ward Cleaver’s haircut.” “Mike Kennedy: Because Utah deserves a senator whose favorite food isn’t buttered noodles.”

Utah’s electorate tends to be less conservative than convention-goers, so it’s unlikely that Romney won’t be the GOP nominee for Senate. However, that’s not a 100 percent certainty — and it wouldn’t be the first time he’s lost to a Kennedy.

What do you think?


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