EPA Is Going to Regulate Wood-Burning Fireplaces Out of Existence

First it was wood-burning stoves and soon it will be fireplaces.

The EPA will soon ban 80% of indoor and outdoor wood stoves. This came about thanks to the notorious “Sue and Settle” method in which an environmental group, in collusion with the EPA, sues the EPA knowing they will not take it to court, but rather they will “settle” by agreeing to whatever regulation is being sought. The EPA will often give them taxpayer-funded compensation as an added benefit.

Next up are wood burning indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

POLL: Is the United States Over Regulated? 

The Utah Sierra Club forewarned us. They penned an article, “Fireplaces and Wood-burning Stoves, The Joys and Dangers of Fireplaces and Wood-burning Stoves”, which basically says, sure, fireplaces hold cherished memories and yes, they’re sentimental, but it’s “time to douse the ember and close the flue.”

“The EPA estimates that a single fireplace operating for an hour and burning 10 pounds of wood will generate 4,300 times more PAHs—powerful carcinogens—than 30 cigarettes,” according to the article.

Fireplaces are polluting, dangerous, and sending toxins into the air, they say.

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You are so right.  The silence about fukashima is deafning.  Everything comes down on us and not one word about Chinas high pollution.  So thick you can cut it with a machette.  Nothing about Russias high pollution.  Why is it always us?  Pretty soon we will have nothing but clean air, big deal, no jobs, high unemployment, millions on welfare (including thoses good for nothing illegals).  Our coal fired plants put scrubbers on their stacks years ago.  They are being shut down.  When do we quit giving up our rights and have those high polluting nations start giving up their rights?  I hope they are ready to clean up their air (lol), without OUR money!  In regard to lightning strikes, don't laugh, we'll probably be taxed on everyone of them.  Remember we have to stop cows from belching and farting.

Don't forget Mexico. When I went to Mexico many years ago, I was told some Mexicans living near/in Mexico City had never seen the mountains due to such heavy smog.

The EPA needs to regulate the s... coming out of the White House!  How much pollution is being generated with lies and azz kissing with foreign countries!  The EPA is working to make other ways of heating to finance the democrats failing the will of the people!

Think the industry that makes these fireplaces will have something to say about it.  They can't arbitrarily shut down an entire industry.  Wish those evil people would just have lunch in the Potomac.

           Really you mean like a small industry like the coal industry ? You are sadly not aware of what these people are capable of , and I'm not trying to make fun of you ; rather then that I'm trying to gently shake you awake to the reality at hand . This is true evil at work , we must defeat these people at all costs and time is short .  

They are shutting down the health insurance industry , the coal industry , and the last lead processing smelter in the U.S. Evidently they can do whatever they dn well please as long as the communist dictator is in the White House.

   We the people need to render the EPA out of existence , it is nothing more than a political tool to destroy America financially and force her under the United Nations communist AGENDA 21 program to make their enslavement of us much easier .. ABOLISH THE EPA , GET THE UNITED NATIONS OUT OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE UNITED STATES OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS .  If you know someone working for any government agency it is time to start making their life hell by being just as obnoxious toward them as you can without assaulting them . Under this corrupt rogue government ALL government employees are treasonous criminals and not worth the time of day nor their mothers birthing pangs .  


You are EXACTLY right!   But, I look at it from a slightly different perspective.   When we get our Article V Convention of States we will return power to the states and the people, respectively, just as it should be under the Constitution.

Then, if some state wants to, say, regulate water in ditches at great expense and inconvenience to businesses and the people, they are free to do so.   Of course, they will lose business, etc. and they can deal with that themselves.  


then next we got to stop camp fires LOL OMG give us a rest guys with the regulations !!!

The EPA can only do what it does because it exists.   Bear with me for a moment.

One of my proposed amendments (in the event we get an Article V Convention of States) reads,

"The Constitution of the United States shall be read and interpreted literally.   No words or phrases shall be changed or substituted and no part of the Constitution shall be used to expand or increase federal authority or power beyond that EXPRESSLY granted by the Constitution.   Further, the language of the Constitution shall be interpreted according to the definition of words at the time of their inclusion in the Constitution."

This amendment would instantly put the EPA (along with many other federal agencies) out of business.

So, let's keep pushing for an Article V Convention of States.


Let the war begin.  Satan is doing his best to make complete starving slaves out of each and every-one of us.

Want to stop this baloney stop being an American Citizen where you are given privileges most often referred to as "Civil Rights".  Become one of the People.   Learn the truth check out nationallibertyalliance.org 



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