Media’s Blind Worship Of Hillary Already Making Them Look Stupid

If a recent column about Hillary Clinton is any indication of how far the media will go in its blind worship of her, this year should be entertaining.

Wringing his hands and whining“I expect better from Hillary Clinton,” Sun Sentinel op-ed writer Gary Stein lamented that his hero actually made a statement comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler.

Stein is unabashed in his love for Hillary; and although he is a “non-partisan” member of the media, since Hillary IS a Democrat, he loves her regardless of what she does.

So how did Hillary upset Stein? “She used the Hitler comparison,” which in his world can only be done after someone has murdered millions of people.  Anything less in Stein’s universe is “lazy hyperbole.”

He goes on to make sure that we all understand that he loves Hillary and is really only making his comments to help her be a more perfect being, so he points out that Hillary is “very smart.”  That acts as a shield against charges that he has been disloyal to the Democrat goddess.


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this will fuel the usful idiots to vote for her

We cannot permit the machine (sorrospuppetmaster) and the libtard/sheeples/stonedheadlowinfos to shoein hillaryrottenclintonian!  The upcoming election is so critical for the future of our Republic!  We need to get a TRUE LEADER IN the Whitehouse.  TRUE AMERICAN, TRUE PATRIOT, ONE WHO LOVES THIS COUNTRY WHOLEHEARTEDLY, with the passion of Trey Gowdy, people like these, Gowdy is truly a shining STAR!  Send the crappypants demos on their way.......................................................

Making them look stupid..? Are you kidding, they are stupid. Anyone who endorses Hillary Rotten Clinton is just plain stupid.  But then she was the poor wife, when Slick Willie was finding new things to do with a cigar. And stood by her man, while he lied to a Congressional committee and of course there was the "right wing conspiracy" and how ever did she manage to escape Benghazi, guess if your man cheats on you, the media gives you a pass.  Or you are the wife of an impeached president. 


What do you mean making them look stupid...THEY ARE , ALWAYS HAVE , AND WILL BE FOREVER MORE  S..T,,U,,P,,I,,D !

The media will defend her to the bitter end. She is pure evil. Compared to her, Obama is a jelly doughnut. She must be defeated in 2016.

The thing is we need to deenergize the true sources of this corruption. It starts with the big monies, like sorros, and the rest of his filthy gang members. hillaryrotten is just a hollow puppet, like their little dummie that they got right now.  The key to our victory is to "see outside of their box" so to speak, and to fight the fire with an even bigger and hotter fire!

The key to Hillary  is to hit hard and often.  She has many things against her mostly Benghazi and there is so much more.  All is there and should be used.

I do not believe WE have to worry about any ELECTIONS!!!! The WAR with RUSSIA will GIVE OBAMA all HE needs to CALL for MARTIAL LAW!! HOLD on FOLKS it AIN'T going to be NICE!!!! DHS IS WAITING FOR YOU& the FEMA CAMPS ARE READY!!!!

The old perverted Lesbo bit*h is the most demoralizing bag only second to Osambo himself.Shes not fit to feed the hogs on an Arkansas farm.To be a animal warden(Dog Catcher).Shes just not...........

We have to continue doing what we have been doing to the fraud, and that is keep mentioning all her law breaking activities and making the relationship with the media so obvious that people will see the obvious marriage between the two, and the obvious prejudice by the media will be so clear that people will come to their censes and her popularity will end up in the toilet, right next to Barry.

Remember we have never stopped delivering the message about Obuma or Hillary, and I honestly believe his popularity plummeted to the very low of 38% where it now stands, do to ours and many others efforts.

Never ever give up, and its not over till its over.


The media told us Obama was very smart too. He didn't have any real accomplishments either.

After Benghazi I wouldn't trust her to be leader of anything.



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Taxpayers Shell Out $220K For
Another Dem’s Sexual Harassment Settlement

( – Just as the American taxpayer was finished reeling from outrage after John Conyers Jr. settled his sexual harassment lawsuit using taxpayer money, another Democrat has been caught in the same dirty act.

Up next is Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings, accused of harassment and the unwanted touching of Republican staffer Winsome Packer, who was on the United States Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Hastings claims that he was not aware of the settlement and that he is outraged that taxpayer money was used to pay off the staffer.

“This matter was handled solely by the Senate Chief Counsel for Employment. At no time was I consulted, nor did I know until after the fact that such a settlement was made,” he said,according to Roll Call. “I am outraged that any taxpayer dollars were needlessly paid to Ms. [Winsome] Packer.”

From Politico:

The lawsuit was filed in 2011 by Judicial Watch, a public interest group. In the lawsuit, a former staffer on the United States Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Packer, alleges she was the victim of “unwelcome sexual advances” and “unwelcome touching” by then-chairman Hastings.

Packer also claimed retaliation by the congressman and his staff director, Fred Turner, who also was named in the suit. The conservative judicial watchdog charged that Packer was unfairly targeted because she was a Republican serving in a commission ruled by Democrats.

This wasn’t the first time that Hastings has had a run in with the law. He was formerly a federal judge in a district court in his home state of Florida. In 1988, he was impeached by the House for bribery and perjury, and was later removed from the bench by the Senate. He was only the sixth federal judge in the history of this country to be removed from the bench by the Senate.

The lawsuit against Hastings in 2011 was filed by Judicial Watch. At the time, Tom Fitton, who still heads Judicial Watch, said the following:

“The allegations against Alcee Hastings as detailed in this complaint are outrageous. For two years Hastings subjected Ms. Packer to a never-ending barrage of unwanted sexual advances. And when Ms. Packer tried, time and again, to put a stop to it, he resorted to threats and intimidation to force her compliance. Even after Hastings’ behavior caused Ms. Packer’s physical collapse, he would not relent. We look forward to holding Alcee Hastings and the other defendants accountable for their unlawful behavior in court.”

Ms. Packer says that she was sexually harassed by Hastings from 2008 to 2010 and that when she complained about it, Hastings and Commission Staff Director Fred Turner made threats against her, including termination.

The news about Hastings comes at the same time that sexual assault allegations have exploded in the Congress, leading to resignations by several of its members. In addition to Conyers’ scandal, Senator Al Franken was accused by several women of grabbing their breasts and butts. There is a picture of Franken cupping the breasts of a woman that had gone on a trip for the USO to entertain the troops. Taxpayers also paid out $84,000 for sexual harassment charges against Republican Blake Farenthold.

Both Conyers and Franken have resigned from the House and Senate respectively. All told, the taxpayers have footed $17 million out in settlements. Judicial Watch and others have filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuits to get the complete list of all payouts made on behalf of congressmen and possibly women. What they find out could further shock and outrage Americans, and spark a fire for more reform.


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