This is the “Biggest Act of Civil Disobedience in Recent Memory”


The message from Connecticut gun owners to the state government and the police is loud and clear: “I will not comply.”

When the state passed strong new gun control laws that included the registration of any gun that even approached military grade, gun owners made it clear that if law enforcement wanted the guns, they’d have to come and get them.

Potentially hundreds of thousands of gun owners are not in compliance with the new law.  Those who failed to register their weapons by a certain date now own illegal guns and have committed a felony.  If you’ll remember from one of our earlier posts, the state has only received about 50,000 applications, and there are an estimated 350,000+ assault rifles in Connecticut.  This puts potentially hundreds of thousands of gun owners in direct violation of the law.


Why Every American Must Rally Around Connecticut Gun Owners

After new gun control regulations were signed into Connecticut’s law, thousands upon thousands of residents are publicly rejecting them. The new law requires that all gun owners register their “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines with the government — but over 90% of them have essentially said, “I will not comply.”

It has been confirmed with the Connecticut State Police that “warning letters” have already been sent out to some gun owners and that the state has another signed and notarized “draft letter” they are prepared to send if residents continue to defy the “law.”

Oftentimes, it takes tyranny showing up directly on someone’s doorstep for them to truly see its threat. But if we expect to protect and preserve the Second Amendment, it is critical that Connecticut gun owners know they have the rest of America on their side — before it’s too late.


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  Those who OPENLY conspire against The Constitution,The Bill of Rights, AND The People, by passing these UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE COMMITED CRIMES. It is called TREASON. The Citizens HAVE NOT.

If the CT people do not oust those politicians that voted for such a law, then they deserve to go down the tubes . I support those in CT that will not comply. I only wish I could do more for them. They did not take it seriously enough when the fight started, and this has happened so many times in past history. WAKE UP, THE REST OF YOU 49 STATES!!

No one deserves this crap. When you make laws that automatically make legal citizens criminals, You are traitorous and the people will hold you accountable. God help the citizens of Connecticut! I am sure this BS law is awaiting being struck down by the court system, but that takes sooooo long! This state may be where the end of Obama administration starts! We must support these Citizens.

Ousting them is not enough! They NEED to be charged with the conspiracy THEY ARE engaging in. This is a concerted effort to Rob us of our rights. The reason they go after the type of firearms that are used in LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of crimes is because that type of firearm is precisely the type we will NEED to MAKE SURE GOVERNMENT FEARS IT'S PEOPLE, or as a last resort, put down an out of control government. The founders wrote it that way DELIBERATELY.

They only solution is a short trial for all these hundreds of thousands of criminal parasitic control freak leftest and then hangings, w/some doing hard labor in the deep humid south for decades before the death sentence is carries out-having them manually rebuild the roads. bridges and highways as pay back!

1 less leftest-democrat 'criminal parasitic' (aren't they all?) fool sexual pervert=s several freed tax payer=legal citizens!

you only wish you could do more for them?  Be there or in route when the SHTF!  If you or I or annyone allows this to happen in Conn or NY or Vermont  then you are as lousy as the treasonous lawmakers and should be punished with them.  

ARGH you poeple who say Im glad I dont live there or wow that sucks  DISGUST ME!  You do live there and these people are your Sisters and Brothers.  It is happening to Americans!

You are all cowards that sit and watch and do nothing !

Amen Brother. We can't let this happen anywhere in America. United we stand divided we fall!!! Don't you understand what's happening, I know that the government has been feeding us propaganda just like Nazi Germany did. They let it happen and look at what happened. The Death Camps. They didn't just murder the Jewish people, they murdered Polish, Russian, Gypsies, and any other nationality of people that they felt were inferior. We already have a country that bases themselves as Nazi's. Their not German or Israeli or even African. It's Iran, their name alone means Aryan. Look in the dictionary one is Iranian.

We should be building a gallows in EVERY TOWN SQUARE.

I agree with you Sir. Gun owner from the Sunshine State.


Elaine - I just clicked on that site. What a great response from the 250 law enforcement officers who had the courage to take a stand for their citizens! This was good news indeed!

The only law enforcement that deserves OUR support is law enforcement that supports us.

The Mayor of the town I live in is an Obama lover and thinks he can do what Obama dose, I would think this Mayor would take away the 2nd amendment in HIS town. By the way he just got recalled.




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Pay-Back !!! Pedophile Who Assaulted Nearly 200 Kids Stabbed To Death In Prison

A convicted pedophile who abused almost 200 children was stabbed to death in North Yorkshire, England, on Sunday.

Richard Huckle, 33, from Ashford, Kent, was given 22 life sentences in 2016 after he admitted to sexually abusing 71 kids whose ages ranged from six months to 12 years between 2006 and 2014, according to the BBC.

The report said Huckle was attacked with a makeshift knife while inside his cell at the Full Sutton Prison.

At the pedophile’s trial in 2016, investigators said they found over 20,000 indecent photos and videos of his assaults, which were shared with other pedophiles via a site on the dark web called The Love Zone.

Reports said that prior to his arrest, Huckle posed as an English teacher and Christian volunteer worker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he groomed impoverished children.

In one of his online posts, Huckle reportedly wrote “Impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class Western kids.”

Reports said he attempted to make money from his crimes by crowdfunding the release of the photos.

“Huckle also created a 60-page ‘how-to’ guide for other pedophiles seeking to evade being caught, and kept a scorecard and points system regarding the children who were abused — leading investigators to speculate he may have as many as 200 victims,” a Fox News report stated.

At his sentencing in 2016, Judge Peter Rook condemned Huckle for his heinous crimes he said had become routine for the pedophile.

Rook commented:

Your offending behavior became entrenched in your everyday life. Your life revolved around your sexual activities with young children. Your distorted beliefs in respect of children are deep-seated. Your self-delusion knows no bounds. It is also clear that, had you not been arrested, you planned to continue the same lifestyle using the expertise that you were keen to show off to and share with other abusers so as to continue your sexual exploitation of the children of such communities.

Reports said prior to his death, Huckle refused to cooperate with authorities when they tried to unlock a cache of encrypted files he had access to that may contain the names of victims and other pedophiles, according to Fox News.


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