Obama shoved to sidelines as Russia ignores U.S. threats of isolation


President Obama warned Russia on Monday of possible U.S. sanctions over its military land grab in Ukraine, but Moscow brushed aside international threats, tightening its stranglehold on Crimea and calling audaciously for a national unity government in Kiev.

In Washington, Mr. Obama said the world is “largely united” against Russia’s military action and he is considering economic and diplomatic steps that would gradually isolate Russia. He criticized the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin for being “on the wrong side of history.”


“What cannot be done is for Russia with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles that are recognized around the world,” Mr. Obama said. “Over time, this will be a costly proposition for Russia.”

But the U.S. and European Union floundered for solutions — while global markets panicked over the prospect of violent upheaval in the heart of Europe. Fears grew that the Kremlin might carry out more land grabs in pro-Russian eastern Ukraine, or elsewhere in the former Soviet Union, adding urgency to Western efforts to defuse the crisis.

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obama can't expect Putin to believe his "line in the sand" talk when obama has backed down every time he has drawn one.  And no other nation believes obama or believes in him.  If I were a leader of another nation and obama told me that America sttod with me, I would be making plans that did not include the US.

I have more respect for Putin than I do obozo or for that matter anyone in Washington. Putin is a communist I know what a communist is. He lives his talk.
Obozo and our legislatures say they are Americans. Really? Look at America today and YOU tell me if our leaders are True Americans. I say NOT!!!!

Mona,! Thank you! I also think Putin is a good man. Sure he has did some things against his people that is wrong. But at least he has a set of ball. Excuse the wording. Abeed in our Whitehouse? Has none. And will back his muslim brothers, until the end. But i know that Putin will come at them (muslims) like a wirlwind! And i know that to be fact! Our Bible tells us so! Don't forget MAY 16th.!!! Make or Break time!!! Hope you will be there. As Always. " I live my life. That when my feet hit the floor in the morning. The devil and muslims say, " OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!"

I wonder if Obama knows whose boss.  I know who is boss over the Russia/Ukraine debacle and the person is Putin and he is laughing at the US all the way to the Ukraine.  He knows Obama is a wimp went it comes to do anything to these foreign ministers.  How in the world we got this campaign speech idiot I will never know.  He is gay, radical, hypocrit, going over Congress for his own agenda, hiring Muslim Terrorist Chaplains and will be another Fort Hood.  Please, Please American help us get this radical, liberal, evil, hypocritical, Muslim, Communist out of the WH and the rest of his cohorts and this includes the RINO'S.  We have got to get these Communist before our country is demolished, but we have one more option and this is to everyone who has turned their backs on the Lord to come back to him and confess your sins to help all of us gets the rats out of the WH immediately, before he declares Martial Law and will be in the WH permanently.   I am begging all of you to listenand wake up before it is too late.  Even if it means fight to keep what we have, then we will fight to win our country back.  So all of you think of what we need to do.

One usurper to another. WAAAW WA WA

Putin not only unfriended Obama on Facebook...he blocked him!!

Good one. We should all block obozo.

Time to ground Air Force 1. There' nowhere to fly to and project American power or image. Maybe a platinum Greyhound bus pass.

Putin just wrote one if his "executive orders".

Barry's handling of this event reminds me of the man who came home unexpectedly and found his wife in bed with another fellow. Spying the man's umbrella leaning against the wall, he picked it up, broke it over his knee, and said, "There! I hope to hell it rains!"




Romney Handed Shock
Defeat By Own State’s GOP

Mitt Romney is back in state politics, this time in Utah instead of Massachusetts. However, conservatives in The Beehive State aren’t exactly warming up to the 2012 Republican standard-bearer quite the way many people expected they would.

After finishing second in votes at the state GOP convention, Romney will now face a primary in his run for the Senate seat being vacated by Orrin Hatch, Fox News reported.

At the convention in West Valley City on Saturday, Romney polled just behind state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

Kennedy captured 50.18 percent of the delegate vote compared to Romney’s 49.12 percent.

That means the two will face off in a primary on June 26 to determine who will represent the GOP this fall.

Romney, the first Mormon to head a major party ticket, is considered an extremely popular figure in Utah and was widely expected to have an easy path to the upper chamber.

In a hypothetical matchup with Democrat Jenny Wilson, at least one poll showed Romney up by 46 percent. That’s, uh, slightly more than the margin of error.

However, among party loyalists, Romney isn’t exactly viewed with unalloyed fondness.

The 2012 presidential nominee was always known for being decidedly moderate, particularly on issues of immigration and global trade. There was also the fact that he ran a campaign so bumbling that it almost made Michael Dukakis look good.

And then there was Romney’s war of words with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, which likely led many to perceive he secretly wished Hillary Clinton would take the Oval Office.

Trump would later consider Romney as a secretary of state pick, although how serious the president-elect was about appointing him is something we’ll likely never know.

While your average Utah Republican is unlikely to let these slights affect their vote, hardcore party activists probably don’t want another RINO who isn’t exactly known for his rapport with the president in the upper chamber of Congress, no matter how famous he may be.

For his part, Romney tried to put a good spin on the humiliation.

“I’m delighted with the outcome. Did very, very well,” he told KSTU. “On to a good, important primary ahead. This is terrific for the people of Utah.”

Dude, you just lost to a guy nobody has ever heard of. However, Kennedy was happy with the results, and unlike Romney, he had good reason to be.

“I’m a candidate with a compelling life story and a unique set of life circumstances I’d like to use to serve the people of Utah,” Kennedy said.

I have no idea what that story or those circumstances are, but I think the key point here is that he’s not Mitt Romney. If he wants to win, that’s pretty much what he should be focusing on. I can see the billboards now. “Mike Kennedy: Not Mitt Romney.” “Mike Kennedy: He didn’t borrow Ward Cleaver’s haircut.” “Mike Kennedy: Because Utah deserves a senator whose favorite food isn’t buttered noodles.”

Utah’s electorate tends to be less conservative than convention-goers, so it’s unlikely that Romney won’t be the GOP nominee for Senate. However, that’s not a 100 percent certainty — and it wouldn’t be the first time he’s lost to a Kennedy.

What do you think?


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