The Constitution can’t protect us if we don’t protect it

There may be something to the claim that all people want to be free. But it is a demonstrable fact that freedom has been under attack, usually successfully, for thousands of years.

The Federal Communications Commission’s recent plan to have a “study” of how editorial decisions are made in the media, placing FCC bureaucrats in editorial offices across the country, was one of the boldest assaults on freedom of the press. Fortunately, there was enough backlash to force the FCC to back off.

With all the sweeping powers available to government, displeasing FCC bureaucrats in editorial offices could have brought on armies of “safety” inspectors from OSHA, audits from the Internal Revenue Service, and many other harassments from many other government agencies.

Such tactics have become especially common in this administration, which has the morals of thugs and the agenda of totalitarians. They may not be consciously aiming at creating a totalitarian state, but shameless use of government power to crush those who get in their way can produce totalitarian end results.

The prosecution of Dinesh D’Souza for contributing $20,000 to a political candidate, supposedly in violation of the many campaign-finance laws, is a classic case of selective prosecution. Thugs who stationed themselves outside a polling place in Philadelphia to intimidate white voters were given a pass, and others accused of campaign-finance violations were charged with misdemeanors, but Dinesh D’Souza has been charged with felonies that carry penalties of years in federal prison. All of this is over a campaign contribution that is chicken feed compared with what can be raised inside of an hour at a political fundraising breakfast or lunch.

Could this singling out of D’Souza for prosecution have something to do with the fact that he made a documentary movie with devastating exposures of Barack Obama’s ideologies and policies? That movie, incidentally, is titled “2016: Obama’s America,” and every American should get a copy of it. It will be the best $10 investment you are ever likely to make.

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We need to clean out Washington. Period.

Amen to that!    Begin by holding Holder accountable for treason (overthrowing & not upholding the law and Constitution)!   Look up the word "treason".    Hold judges, prosecutors, and grand juries  accountable to the "Webster definitions".   Force local & state courts to try civil and criminal Constitutional issues - take it out of federal preeminence!     Read Article 6 Clauses 2 & 3 - ALL are empowered and under oath/duty to defend & protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic... without any mental reservation..."   There is no maybe about it!

So true. Holder's treasonous acts by only defending the laws he wants to defend and uphold is troubling enough. This whole administration has been the most unconstitutional in our countries history. All of them should be in prison.

Sounds good ! any suggestions ?

YES! ! ! ! !

We, the People, need to use the tools that we have in order to straighten out the mess.  The Supreme Court just acknowledged the fact that the Common Law Grand Jury belongs to the people. We do not need any government approval in order to call OUR Grand Jury into session.  Once in session it has the power to investigate corruption anywhere it finds it.  The Supreme Court specifically said the Common Law Grand Jury could even go after the Judges.

A Common Law Grand Jury has 25 members.  We need to organize the Grand Jury and present the facts concerning the Treason of not following the Oath of Office.  Then, when the Grand Jury hands down the indictment, the Superior Common Law Court takes that indictment and rules on it.  That ruling could be that the person is guilty of Treason and no longer authorized to hold their position.  THEY ARE FIRED IMMEDIATELY! ! ! ! !

Notice is sent to the person who writes the checks that this person no longer holds the position.  AND, tell the check writer that if any more checks are written to the Oath Breaker the check writer will be charged with Embezzlement.  After all, it's our money and our government, and we have the OBLIGATION and the DUTY to make sure it does what we - OUR FOUNDING FATHERS - set it up to accomplish.

These people all work for us and if they don't do what we want done, then we have the power, the authority, and the ability to fire them ONE THE SPOT! ! ! ! !

in order to protect our sacred constitution we MUST get rid of Obama he is the one destroying it.

Ya! And he's getting a lot of help! And what hurts my soul, is they call them selfs Americans.

Our constitution gives us, the people the authority to throw this government out and start a new one, read it and understand we have a lot of power other than the vote but we have to do it together and with proper leadership, not the spineless bunch that have been elected from our states as congressman and senators.

Steve.....with all  due respect.....I think you meant the Declaration of Independence....specifically makes a 'call to action' to us, We, the People....with details in middle of 2nd paragraph to 'abolish'.  I'm just some may not know the difference.

Constitution written to restrain the government.

Declaration written for the people to take action when government violates Constitution.  


There are two parts...

I didn't know about McCain background until now. A real eye opener!

Also check out H.H. Res 15 sitting in congress today...

Our Founders knew just how fragile it was to keep a Republic, with all of the Power seekers from past History. Why Benjamin Franklin stated, "What we have is a Republic,  IF you can keep it."

Thank God for the Tea Party Patriotic Americans.



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‘WikiLeaks Can’t Protect Their Sources’
Is The CIA About To Reveal Names Of DNC Leakers

Image result for Julian Assange

The saga surrounding who leaked sensitive DNC documents to WikiLeaks may take an interesting turn, hints former CIA officer Fred Rustmann.

WND reports:

The Central Intelligence Agency knows the identities of the people who leaked DNC emails to the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks during the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign, a former CIA officer contends.

Fred Rustmann, who served as an operations officer in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service for 24 years and was a member of the agency’s elite Senior Intelligence Service, said in an interview with WND that WikiLeaks’ ongoing release of classified information is “disgusting.” 

“WikiLeaks says they want to protect their sources – Julian Assange said that he wouldn’t reveal his sources, but he would say that it wasn’t the Russians,” Rustmann said. “But the agency knows a lot of the information. I suspect they may have a pretty good idea of who provided that information to WikiLeaks.”

Rustmann’s comments raise questions about potential plans for the CIA to reveal the names of those who allegedly leaked DNC documents to WikiLeaks.

Recently, the CIA made a veiled threat to WikiLeaks in respect to protecting their sources.

“WikiLeaks may think they are protecting those who provide them with classified information & other secrets, but they should not be certain of that,” the CIA statement said. 

In a statement to WND, Robert L. Deitz, a former advisor to CIA head Michael Hayden, called the threat “unprecedented.”

“It’s pretty unusual for the CIA to make a threat to WikiLeaks so publicly. It’s pretty unprecedented; one ought to be skeptical about this. That is not the way that CIA officials should operate,” Deitz said.

“This is the kind of thing, if somebody were to make this kind of threat it would come out of a different organization, DOD, State or maybe the White House. Traditionally it would certainly not come out of the CIA,” Deitz added.

WikiLeaks is in the news after both CNN and CBS falsely reported the group granted Donald Trump Jr. access to future leaks.

However, WikiLeaks had tweeted a link to the information days before the email reached Trump Jr.’s inbox. The fake news media claim this was stone cold proof of collusion, as WikiLeaks has long been smeared as a Kremlin puppet.


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