Louis Farrakhan: African Americans deserve own courts

In a fiery speech delivered to 18,000 at Joe Louis Arena, Minister Louis Farrakhan blasted the judicial systems in the U.S. as being biased against African Americans, calling upon the community to set up their own courts.

“We want equal justice under the law,” Farrakhan said on the last day of the Nation of Islam’s annual convention, held in Detroit this year. “Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts.”

With U.S. Rep. John Conyers, a Detroit Democrat, and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones sitting behind him, Farrakhan spoke for nearly three hours, reiterating the Nation of Islam’s view that the U.S. is a land headed for destruction because it has disobeyed the word of God.

Farrakhan suggested that African Americans rely on the Quran and Bible to help set up their own legal system that would be more fair to African Americans.

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That was my first reaction exactly.

A whole lot better action , and a much KINDER version of the same thing I wanted to say!!!!

Funny ! I thought of their own prisons too ! Helps me to understand more the feelings of those who use to say , put them on a ship and send them all back!

DITTO! This is exactly what I have said all along! Abe Lincoln proposed to do this but the Blacks would not go. I do not blame any American for wanting to live in their homeland but if you want different than America--go somewhere else. An American is an American! If they do not "feel" American then apply for repatriation to their "homeland". Frickinhan is a POS!! 

that was my 1st reaction..give them their own state and obama as prez with all his thugs and leave us alone..

Oh schitt......send them swimming back to Africa with a watermelon under one arm and a Mexican under the other (shame on me ;)  )

Sounds like Farrakhan wants Segregation.  Many Blacks segregate themselves anyway by never becoming a part of American Society, a chip on their shoulder, anti-White America attitude.

Paul.......Farrakhan may 'appear' to want segregation.....but his is affiliated with the Nation of Islam.  He is pushing for sharia courts. There is a huge difference between Black Americans and Islamic 'African American'....not to mention all islamists are NOT just from Africa. Farrakhan is attempting to further divide this nation using 'race' ...when in fact what he's really doing is attempting to further 'infiltration of  islamic law....which is not compatible with U.S. Constitution.

"infiltration of Islamic law....which is not compatible with U.S. Constitution-neither is Obama, Holder, and the majority of Congress.

Great analysis Lindar.

Ship Farrakhan to Africa so he can open up some new courts for his minions , then if they try to come back in, have them come back in for their American trial. That will give them some motivation to stay there.

Blacks with their own courts is analogous to clerics judging men of Islam.




 After Years Of Stagnation Under Obama 
Household Income Hits 50-Year High

Image result for money

Former President Barack Obama got plenty of praise for shepherding us through the recovery from the 2008 economic crisis. However, those on Main Street, USA, knew the truth — things weren’t any better than they had been when George W. Bush left office.

As The Weekly Standard reported in 2016, median household income when Obama came into office in 2009 was $56,731. In 2015, six years into his presidency, that number was $56,516 — a decrease of just over $200.

By the time he left office, it’s true that media household income had risen to $59,471 — but that was essentially the same as it had been in December, 2007, at the end of the “Great Recession” and just a few weeks before Obama took office, when it was $59,549.

So, how’s The Donald doing?

Well, as Investor’s Business Daily reported, a new study from Sentier Research found that the median household income in April was $61,483 — a 50-year high.

That’s up from $59,471 in January of 2017.

The firm tracks income using census data and adjusts for inflation — so even a slightly weaker dollar doesn’t account for the increase.

Donald Trump Jr.   @DonaldJTrumpJr  

Bad News For Dems: Household Income Hits All-Time High Under Trump … And He's Getting Credit For It!!! 

Household Income Hits All-Time High Under Trump, And He's Getting Credit For It

A new report shows that the median household income has climbed 3% since President Trump took office. It's another sign of a strong economy, and at least one poll shows the public credits Trump for...

That’s great news for the country, but maybe not the best news for Democrats.

“This is just another indication that the economy has notably strengthened under Trump. And polls show that the public’s mood has brightened considerably as a result,” Investor’s Business Daily reported.

“The latest IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index is 53.6. This index has been in positive territory (anything over 50 is optimistic) since Trump took office. The Quality of Life Index, meanwhile, hit a 14-year high in May and the Financial Stress Index is at an all-time low.”

That economic data is followed by a lot of polls that seem to show that the “blue wave” expected in the November midterms breaking and rolling back into the sea.

A new Reuters poll found that a generic Republican would beat a generic Democrat by six points. Back in March, the Democrats were up by nine points. A CBS poll found that Democrats had a two-point advantage on the generic ballot — hardly “wave” material.

The CBS poll also found that 68 percent of Americans believed Trump’s policies deserved at least some of the credit for the economic situation, with 35 percent saying he deserved a “great deal” of the credit.

Sixty-four percent of respondents rated the economy as “somewhat good” or “very good.” In a CNN poll, 57 percent of voters said that “things are going well in the U.S.” In February, that was 49 percent.

Perhaps the most important figure: Under Obama, when Gallup asked whether it was a good time to find “a quality job in the U.S.,” the highest number that administration ever achieved was 45 percent. Under Trump, that number is 67 percent — the highest number in the 17-year history of the poll.

While Trump’s personal numbers haven’t seen the same bounce, they’re still up — and that’s the important thing. Thanks to the relentless campaign of personal attacks against him, Trump’s stated approval rating has always been a lot lower than it probably is.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Hillary Clinton. For all of the personal barbs and attacks, 2016 ultimately came down to the economy. So will 2018 — and that’s not good news for the Democrats.

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