In a fiery speech delivered to 18,000 at Joe Louis Arena, Minister Louis Farrakhan blasted the judicial systems in the U.S. as being biased against African Americans, calling upon the community to set up their own courts.

“We want equal justice under the law,” Farrakhan said on the last day of the Nation of Islam’s annual convention, held in Detroit this year. “Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts.”

With U.S. Rep. John Conyers, a Detroit Democrat, and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones sitting behind him, Farrakhan spoke for nearly three hours, reiterating the Nation of Islam’s view that the U.S. is a land headed for destruction because it has disobeyed the word of God.

Farrakhan suggested that African Americans rely on the Quran and Bible to help set up their own legal system that would be more fair to African Americans.

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That was my first reaction exactly.

A whole lot better action , and a much KINDER version of the same thing I wanted to say!!!!

Funny ! I thought of their own prisons too ! Helps me to understand more the feelings of those who use to say , put them on a ship and send them all back!

DITTO! This is exactly what I have said all along! Abe Lincoln proposed to do this but the Blacks would not go. I do not blame any American for wanting to live in their homeland but if you want different than America--go somewhere else. An American is an American! If they do not "feel" American then apply for repatriation to their "homeland". Frickinhan is a POS!! 

that was my 1st reaction..give them their own state and obama as prez with all his thugs and leave us alone..

Oh schitt......send them swimming back to Africa with a watermelon under one arm and a Mexican under the other (shame on me ;)  )

Sounds like Farrakhan wants Segregation.  Many Blacks segregate themselves anyway by never becoming a part of American Society, a chip on their shoulder, anti-White America attitude.

Paul.......Farrakhan may 'appear' to want segregation.....but his is affiliated with the Nation of Islam.  He is pushing for sharia courts. There is a huge difference between Black Americans and Islamic 'African American'....not to mention all islamists are NOT just from Africa. Farrakhan is attempting to further divide this nation using 'race' ...when in fact what he's really doing is attempting to further 'infiltration of  islamic law....which is not compatible with U.S. Constitution.

"infiltration of Islamic law....which is not compatible with U.S. Constitution-neither is Obama, Holder, and the majority of Congress.

Great analysis Lindar.

Ship Farrakhan to Africa so he can open up some new courts for his minions , then if they try to come back in, have them come back in for their American trial. That will give them some motivation to stay there.

Blacks with their own courts is analogous to clerics judging men of Islam.




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