President Barack Obama speaks at the White House in Washington Jan. 16, 2014. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)  

Muslim anti-Semitism is only decades old, Obama claims

Neil Munro
White House Correspondent

Experts are scoffing at President Barack Obama’s apparent belief that widespread Muslim hatred of Jews is only decades old.

“Obama reveals that he has no idea, or doesn’t want to give the impression that he has any idea, about the reality of Islamic anti-Semitism,” said Robert Spencer, the author of many books on Islamic ideas and director of Jihad Watch.

“Anti-Semitism is hard-wired into Islam,” from its origins before 700, said Andrew Bostom, author of three books about Islam, including “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism,” which lists centuries of anti-Semitic hatred, murders, pogroms and apartheid-like discrimination.

Intellectuals, politicians and diplomats are loath to admit the centrality of anti-Semitism in Islamic beliefs, because it fuels conflict with Israel and the West and it can’t be fixed by Westerners, Bostom said. ”You’re dealing with an intractable situation, and people hate intractable situations,” he said, adding “diplomats are the worst.”

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Is there a topic upon which Obama isn't completely WRONG.

Pick a subject.  His view of the world is totally distorted.

He embarrasses himself every time he opens his mouth.

Doesn't he though!! What a fool. It's more like since the inception of Islam. They hated everyone who wasn't Muslim.

Now that's the truth! LMAO

Much the same as all real Americans will come to hate 0bama for all that he has done to destroy OUR country, OUR economy, OUR FREEDOMS.

Our president is an idiot.  Dumb as a box of nails.   Not only did he not learn anything worthwhile in American schools, his early schooling in Muslim Indonesian was apparently beyond his grasp.  Muslim Jew hatred goes back to the seventh century AD.  Anyone can find this in the Koran.  Just read it or a faster  and more easy to read and understand source is a book by a Pakistani priest "The Life and Religion of the Profit Mohamed.  The Koran teaches Muslims not to make friends with the people of the book.  The book being referenced, is the bible.  Also there are passages about the trees announcing "there is a Jew behind me come and kill him".  Now Mohamed was an equal opportunity tyrant.  He drove his followers to kill Jews and anyone else who would not kiss his butt, When it came to plundering, pillaging, raping and murder he did not discriminate.  Since Mohamed copied just about everything form the bible (first testament) and claimed it as originally being Islamic he had to rewrite history.  His hatred for the Jews stems from that.  The origin of Islam.  So if someone says that Islamic antisemitism is just in the last few decades, he/she is ignorant of the truth or is spinning a lie and/or has  nefarious intention, period.  And that is the truth.

The NEFARIOUS one does it again.  He wouldn't know the truth if he fell over it. Lies upon lies upon lies.

no the nails got ovomit/satan beat by a head.and your right except ovomit isn,t a president,he has never been vetted and he can,t be verified.he has no proof of eligibility.all his records are hidden/sealed and spends millions to keep the hidden/sealed,his ss# belongs to a dead 119 yr old Connecticut person,and his wh internet live birth form,is a computer generated{layered forgery}as has been proved by sheriff joe,s cold case posse{mike zullo}and by California attorney oily taitz.and islam isn,t a religion its an idealogy,the Koran says kill the infidels,allah is an enemy to the unbelievers.any one who isn,t a believer,all none muslums are the infidels.the cair institute beware.and they are trying to sneak islam propagander into the school books in public schools beware.god bless america

That is his belief because he is a Anti-Semitism himself along with a hatred of Christians just like his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood. The Rev. Wright taught barack hussein obama well for 20 years when he said not "God Bless American but Goddamn America". That's bHo belief too.


Obama also said we have 57 states, that Hawaii is in Asia (his birthplace).  He also said he's the most "transparent President" in history. 

There's only two times Obama lies; when he's awake, and when he's asleep.  All other times he's truthful.

Seeing we never did see his school records unlike most of our past presidents , we have no idea if he studied world history. He probably listens to some of his anti semitic people on his stafff. I never graduated from college , but I know the history of anti semitism by the Muslims... Obama , who claims he is a scholar , should know world history better than he does....I agree with some of your other contributors that Obama seems to be wrong on most subjects...

Well, Mr. Higgins....maybe if we could all actually SEE ovomit's college records, we could all judge for ourselves if he is or even was a "scholar"....using that term very, very loosely! Keep your powder dry!




Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Pelosi Disaster!  95% Of Americans Tuned Out Impeachment Show Trials On Friday — Only The Second Day Of Testimony

Despite the constant hype Americans are already tuning out the sham impeachment trials.

On the second day of the public show trials 95% of Americans turned off the nonsense.

Americans are worn out by all of the fake news and hysteria.


Dan Gainor   @dangainor

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Day 2 of Democrats' Impeachment Hearings 

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Friday’s Impeachment Hearings

Americans aren’t exactly obsessed with the Democrats’ impeachment hearings, it seems. Friday’s second day of live, wall-to-wall coverage drew an average of 12.7 million viewers on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN,

Flashback: Horrible News For Shifty Schiff – Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Impeachment, 76% Don’t Trust Dems And Believe Media Is Pushing The Sham

No One in American Wants Impeachment except the Far-left Socialist Democrats and their Corrupt Media. They hate President Trump because he is a winner. He beat them and he’s making America great again as he said he would.

The Democrats and their corrupt media are totally blinded by their rage and they don’t realize that no one is in favor of impeachment.

We reported a week ago that FOX News released a poll where they stated that 49% of Americans were for Trump Impeachment. But their polling was flawed. The real extrapolated results of the poll using an accurate proportion of Republicans, Democrats and Independents showed that only 30% of Americans are in favor of Trump’s Impeachment and they’re all Democrats.

Next, a few days ago we reported on another poll that was consistent with the results of our extrapolated FOX News poll.

Nearly three quarters of all Americans have little or no trust in the way that Schifty Schiff is running the impeachment process –

Heritage Action   Heritage_Action

You won’t hear this in the mainstream media: Nearly three fourths of Americans have little to no trust in the House Democrats’ handling of their impeachment process. 🤔

Today another poll was released with similar results.

Most Americans believe that the corrupt media is trying to help get President Trump impeached. Three-quarter of Republicans, half of independents and even a third of Democrats believe this to be the case. No one trusts Schifty Shiff or the corrupt media pushing his impeachment sham.

IT Guy@ITGuy1959

1- "Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans and a plurality (48%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party say most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump, a view shared by only 36% of Democrats."

Let's recast that last phrase 

Rasmussen Reports @Rasmussen_Poll

Most Say Media Working With Democrats to Impeach Trump... 

This is perhaps the worst gaffe in modern political history.

This Schiff Show does not have a happy ending for the Democrats. Even with the support of the entire corrupt fake news media, it’s a total sham and everyone knows it!

Ranking Member Nunes breaks down House Democrats' fake impeachment inquiry

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