Pelosi on Pork Barrel Spending in CR Bill: ‘Why Are We Talking About This?'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asked why reporters were making an issue out of the additional spending that was added to the continuing resolution that re-opened the federal government and increased the debt limit.

“What difference does it make? Why are we talking about this? We’re talking about a bill that as I said last night, I’m not asking anybody to vote for this bill on the merits,” Pelosi said.

The bill included funds to fix flooded roads in Colorado, $3 million for a civil liberties oversight board, a death benefit payment to the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s (D-N.J.) widow, as well as an increase in authorization for spending on construction on the lower Ohio River in Illinois and Kentucky, the Hill reported.

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She is one on the most ignorant fools in the corrupt government. She had been one of the biggest crooks in years to hit our government.

What can anyone expect from a twit? Porker Pelosi isn't asking anyone to vote on the bills merits? What does she think we elect congressman for? There just is not helping the stupid. Her IQ  must be -200 at least. I had a brother-in-law who was retarded at about a 7 year old level with a way lot more intelligence than this (whatever word describes it).

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D) – N.J. Minimum net worth: $56.8 million Lautenberg's minimum net worth rose about $2 million in 2011, to $56.8 million. Really that widow seriously needed the money. A true Liberal that Rich I hope would say to give it too the poor's after all that is who votes for them.

NO, NO, NO!!!  Not HIS wealth...  YOURS is what needs re-distibution.  He wants to keep his in case of an emergency.  He might have to fill his gas tank!  Or buy more caviar for his lunch party.

She obviously thinks that the checkbook she write checks with belongs to her.  With this language you can truly see how far her head is up her own tail.  Like the rest of these scumbags Pelosi needs to be removed and tried for high crimes -- NO we did not have to pass this piece of crap health bill we all knew it was administrative over-reach  This might be a cool idea for you traitors but that is not the way our nation functions and I see that if a elected official can act and conduct themself with personal interest in mind and not merit - then it is safe for Americans to act on behalf of our country .  Screw you I will not fear the government But you will fear We The People.  This is the last straw

Carlos, remember that it was ONLY the DEMOCRATS that voted for this Obamacare - no Republican was stupid enough to fall for Nancy Pelosis' remark.

Democrats own the full responsibility and consequences for the failure of this monstrosity. Remember to tell your friends that the extortionary cost of their insurance and medical expenses is brought to them because the Democrats in Congress were stupid, blind and greedy!

Sorry Daniel; but, it is pretty obvious that they have been showing their brains or lack thereof!

Exactly -- Very much like those who vote based on skin color California votes according to how dingy and out of touch with reality someone can be - I am writing from The Peeples Reublik of Kalifornia

Vote this bitch and the lying HALF-BREED out!  However, living in California, it just won't happen.  Too many "low educated types"!

The stupid hag has been taking lessons from Hillary..anything they can't or won't answer is not supposed to make any difference. Waste-of-skin females of the left sure makes one appreciate Sarah Palin and the other conservative women governors.

Complete idiot.  It is scary to think that anyone would vote for her.




Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy: ‘The Real Second Amendment Isn’t Absolute

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) tweeted Saturday there is a “real” Second Amendment and an “imaginary” one and he believes the real one is “not absolute.”

Murphy, “I support the real 2nd Amendment, not the imaginary 2nd Amendment. And the real 2nd Amendment isn’t absolute.”

The statement was a precursor to his call for banning “assault rifles” in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting, even though “assault rifles” were not used in the attack.

Murphy said the “real 2nd Amendment…allows Congress to wake up to reality and ban these assault rifles that are designed for one purpose only – to kill as many people as fast as possible.”

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said the Santa Fe High School attackers used a .38 revolver and a shotgun to carry out his heinous acts. Therefore, a ban on “assault rifles” would have done nothing to prevent the attack from occurring or the tragic loss of life from taking place.

It should be noted that Saturday was not the first time Sen. Murphy called the essence of the Second Amendment into question. On August 6, 2013, Breitbart News reported that Murphy told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that “The Second Amendment is not an absolute right, not a God-given right. It has always had conditions upon it like the First Amendment has.”

Murphy did not grapple with the words, “Shall not be infringed.”


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