Comptroller says she can't pay Illinois lawmakers

Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka said Thursday that she has no choice but to withhold lawmakers' paychecks, citing a precedent-setting court case that bars her from paying state employees without a budget appropriation or court order.

Gov. Pat Quinn cut $13.8 million for legislators' paychecks from a budget bill earlier this month, saying it wouldn't be restored until lawmakers addressed the state's $97 billion pension shortfall. He also suspended his own pay.

"It is my deep hope that this matter is resolved expeditiously," either by a court or by lawmakers agreeing on a solution to the pension crisis, said Topinka, who undertook a legal review to determine if Quinn's actions were constitutional. The Riverside Republican said Thursday that Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office advised her of the case that appears to bar her from acting

She called Quinn's actions a "serious precedent that is being created," and said the stalemate was "no way to run government."

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Thomas, then let them write the bills so that these folks get paid.    Surely the sly foxes who are somehow making gazillionaires of themselves by working as" public servants" can find a way to frame this.

So Illinois home of the Obamas and left wing liberals. You did ask what is happening by electing the bums. I feel sorry for all the good people. So what are you going to do go the way of Detroit? The big organizer and his commie friends will help you GO DOWN.

I am stuck here utterly ashamed of my state. Not a politicians not worth prison

BWA-HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! How priceless. I'l bet that will get some attention in the legislature (better than that 93 Billion pension shortfall would I'll betcha, 'cause its not their money at risk).

I'll bet the Legislature is yearning for the good old days of Capone, when the fix was in and graft flowed like water out the tap.

Pay the funhers why stop the bankruptcy?  Now Quinn is building another airport...with Chicago shootings air traffic will stop in the midwest....goodbye Chicago and all these wonderful Union Democrats

at least they will not get paid for work that they don't do!

The corrupt Democrats that run Illinois are running this state into bankruptcy just like Detroit.  Lisa Madigan won't bring charges against her father that runs Springfield.  What a conflict of interest to have your daughter as the IL. States Attorney General who is suppose to protect the taxpayers but, she can't very well do that because of her fathers position.

It is about time that these assholes started being paid what they are worth!  Now the same thing needs to be done in DC!

Well said. Might be offensive to assholes though

What a shame.......... Maybe they will go away now :)




Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy: ‘The Real Second Amendment Isn’t Absolute

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) tweeted Saturday there is a “real” Second Amendment and an “imaginary” one and he believes the real one is “not absolute.”

Murphy, “I support the real 2nd Amendment, not the imaginary 2nd Amendment. And the real 2nd Amendment isn’t absolute.”

The statement was a precursor to his call for banning “assault rifles” in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting, even though “assault rifles” were not used in the attack.

Murphy said the “real 2nd Amendment…allows Congress to wake up to reality and ban these assault rifles that are designed for one purpose only – to kill as many people as fast as possible.”

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said the Santa Fe High School attackers used a .38 revolver and a shotgun to carry out his heinous acts. Therefore, a ban on “assault rifles” would have done nothing to prevent the attack from occurring or the tragic loss of life from taking place.

It should be noted that Saturday was not the first time Sen. Murphy called the essence of the Second Amendment into question. On August 6, 2013, Breitbart News reported that Murphy told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that “The Second Amendment is not an absolute right, not a God-given right. It has always had conditions upon it like the First Amendment has.”

Murphy did not grapple with the words, “Shall not be infringed.”


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