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Dan Bongino Outlines When He’ll Concede — Before Doing Something You’ve Probably Never Heard a Politician Do -

(The Blaze) – Maryland congressional candidate Dan Bongino (R) is down roughly 2,000 votes in the race against John Delaney (D) in the 201…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

0 Nov 5, 2014

Wounded Maine veteran thanks actor Gary Sinise for new home

Actor Gary Sinise couldn’t be there Wednesday when wounded veteran Travis Mills and his family moved into the new Manchester home built by…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

16 Oct 22, 2014
Reply by Ann Marie

Chick-Fil-A Banned from Donating Food to School Event

  A high school football booster club in Ventura was prohibited from selling Chick-fil-A sandwiches at its back-to-school night eve…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

45 Sep 15, 2014
Reply by Pete F

Is it a matter of security, or discrimination?

US Passport Visa The US embassy in Tel Aviv has cancelled tourist visa applications for Israelis, according to a statement on its offi…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

17 Aug 6, 2014
Reply by Pete F

White House taking impeachment seriously

Senior White House advisers are taking very seriously the possibility that Republicans in Congress will try to impeach President Obama, e…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

46 Jul 29, 2014
Reply by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret)

Dan Bongino's Open Letter to DC Politicians

Daniel Bongino 7 hours ago If, during my time as a Secret Service Agent, I had abused my authority as Lois Lerner did, I would be in jai…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

26 Jun 29, 2014
Reply by Debra A Shawver

An Open Letter to Michael Bloomberg

Dear Mr. Bloomberg, I understand that as a multi-billionaire you have to find non-traditional ways to pass your time. I’m sure rolling a…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

20 Jun 23, 2014
Reply by Fisherman Pat

White House wanted Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to LIE to the public about social security being behind the deficit

In his memoir, out today, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the White House wanted him to mislead Americans about the long t…

Started by Melony B. DeFord

31 May 15, 2014
Reply by BarbaraFrame-Love

McCain: Americans Should “Accept” That Their Private Conversations Are Being Monitored

Senator John McCain told a radio show recently that Americans should “accept” the notion that their private conversations are being recorde…

Started by Linda Hahn

94 May 14, 2014
Reply by Lewis W. Cobb, III

Good News for Texas Tea Party Challenger

In most elections around the country, the Tea Party candidate is usually the challenger and the underdog. However, there’s a big exception…

Started by Ralph E WallSr

0 May 7, 2014




Refugee Complains:
‘Too Many Laws’ In Western World

 During a recent interview with local media in Australia, a Sudanese refugee and mother of six suggested that the Australian government deserves the blame for her eldest son’s propensity for crime.

According to Nine News, Asha Awya’s eldest son is an unemployed gang member who has spent time in prison. Instead of pinning the blame for her son’s actions on him, however, Awya feels the Australian government deserves it for passing “too many laws.”

She said so during an appearance last week on the Australian program “A Current Affair,” where she also appeared to slam actual Australians for allegedly not making it easy for refugees to assimilate.

“They (her kids) came from a very traumatized environment, and coming to Australia, trying to fit in with the religion and the friends around them at school, is very challenging,” she said. “We have all these laws, so it’s just very confusing, and I feel sorry for the kids because they don’t know how to deal with this.”

But that’s not all. Awya also complained that the government provides her with too little money.

“The Centrelink money is not enough,” she said, referencing a welfare program operated by the Australian government’s Department of Human Services.

“Sometimes I cut some of their entertainment,” she added, saying in effect that she sometimes stops handing out allowances so as to reduce her costs.

And this, she believes, only serves to incentivize her son’s desire to commit crime.

“If mum always not giving me money, there’s no pocket money, then maybe I have to find a way of stealing and get my own money,” she said, articulating what she believes goes through her son’s mind.

So even though the Australian government graciously (and perhaps naively) allowed this Sundanese woman to migrate to the country, she basically resents this same government because it refuses to lavishly provide for her and her family’s every single need, including their desire for entertainment.

Behold the perfect example of a spoiled-rotten, ungrateful refugees, ladies and gentlemen.

You know, the media often accuse those who criticize their respective governments for allowing refugees to flood their neighborhoods of harboring racist views. If only it were that simple.

Many Westerners, including your truly — a citizen whose family immigrated to the West from India over three decades ago — take issue with the behavior of refugees.

Besides making nary an effort to assimilate, many refugees wind up on welfare, eschewing hard work and effort for a life of government subsistence and oftentimes a life of crime as well.

Now, consider what Awya told “A Current Affair” and answer me this: Is it really “racist” that Westerners such as yours truly prefer that migrants such as her remain in their own country instead of being allowed to migrate to ours?

Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about this Sudanese refugee’s disgusting lack of gratitude.

What do you think about this migrant trying to blame her son’s behavior on the Australian government? Scroll down to comment below!


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