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I need your help. Are you as sick and tired of the CNN big-mouth lies as I am? They are no longer loud buffoons adding their nauseating voi…

Started by Steve - Ning CreatorLatest Reply

Roger Stone: Trump Must Bring Hillary Clinton To Justice

 This blog was released by Steve of the Tea Party Command Center, There has to be some form of accountability brought back to American poli…

Started by Hank JordanLatest Reply

OMG!!! Hillary Orders Maid To Print Top Secret Documents!!

Hillary Clinton had her Filipino immigrant maid handle and print classified emails for her when she was secretary of state, according to la…

Started by Steve - Ning CreatorLatest Reply

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John Barr, 65, of Orange Cove Ca, died April 19, 2017

 (John Barr of the Tea Party Command Center)- We are trying to find out if this was our friend, He lived in California, the news will not s…

Started by Tif Morgan

10 8 hours ago
Reply by Jea9

Obama Repeals Magna Carta,To Repeal Section 1021 of The National Defense Authorization Act of 2011

 I find this to be very strange, seeing how the Magna Carta is now Called The Magna Charter, I did look around a bit, and this is not share…

Started by Tif Morgan

11 on Sunday
Reply by Hank Jordan


IRS DRONES AFRAID TO TESTIFY ABOUT OBAMA/CLINTON CORRUPTION I just read an article that said current and former IRS officials are afraid to…

Started by Bob Russell

2 on Sunday
Reply by Hank Jordan

I saw this on my buddies site, and realized it belonged here too.

Reasons why Federal District and Appellate Courts Lack Standing to Rule on Trumps EO Reprinted with permission of author Oren Long; Here'…

Started by The Tradesman

2 on Sunday
Reply by Hank Jordan

Progressives openly warring with American Conservatives

Make no mistake, the American people and our Constitution are under direct attack by the forces behind the push for the NWO. Since Novemb…

Started by The Tradesman

4 on Sunday
Reply by Frankmusic

x-Pres. O Caught Doing 'Secret Deals & Negotiations,With Russians' Says, ".. After My Election" ?

Ex-Pres. O Caught Doing 'Secret Deals & Negotiations,With Russians' Says, ".. After My Election" ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyuae

Started by Joselyn Burros

0 May 19

Seth Rich Was a Wikileaks Informant: Seth Rich Murdered

Seth Rich Murdered, Holy Crap! Here Is Video of Hillary Clinton Using Seth Rich to Push Gun Control at Campaign Stop – ABSOLUTELY SICKENING…

Started by Hank Jordan

17 May 18
Reply by H. Gregory Badger

President Erdogan’s Men In Suits Violently Beat Protesters In Washington

 Erdogan’s bodyguards violently attacked demonstrators in Washington DC. A police officer was hurt and eleven people were injured on Tuesda…

Started by Tif Morgan

1 May 18
Reply by Hank Jordan

O'Rielly with Beck - Wow!

Bill O’Reilly To Do Weekly Gig On Glenn Beck’s Radio Show by Onan Coca {lidblog.com} ~ Bill O’Reilly may be down, but he’s not out and he…

Started by Rudy Tirre

4 May 17
Reply by Rudy Tirre

Top NSA Whistleblower: Ransomware Hack Caused by “Swindle of the Taxpayers” by Intelligence Agencies

What should we make of the global ransomware attacks which happened today? We’ve documented that the intelligence services intentionally cr…

Started by Kat

1 May 13
Reply by Kat






BREAKING: GOP Lawmaker Calls for Federal Investigation of Seth Rich Murder

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