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CNN Producer: Americans Are “Stupid as Sh**”

Jimmy Carr reveals what mainstream media really thinks of ordinary people CNN producer Jimmy Carr summed up the attitude of the mainstream…

Started by Marilyn CalkinsLatest Reply

Fake news: Trump not considering calling up 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal aliens

AP gets it wrong. Maybe someone can explain this to the news media, because they either don't understand it or don't care about it: When y…

Started by Melony B. DeFordLatest Reply

NBC Seethes Over Trump’s ‘Ugly’ ‘Un-American’ Attacks on Press

Chuck Todd and the other journalists at NBC are openly fuming that Donald Trump continues to call out the biased coverage of his administra…

Started by Melony B. DeFordLatest Reply

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Wrong answer? CNN cuts off black Trump supporter after soliciting his opinion on ‘white guilt’

CNN is all about diverse opinions, unless that opinion diverts from the narrative the network wants to push. On Saturday, CNN reporter Ry…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

0 on Monday

Mark Wahlberg and Navy SEAL Eviscerate CNN Reporter on Air for Fake News

In an interview three years ago with former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and actor Mark Wahlberg, who played Luttrell in the award-winning bio…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

4 Sep 1
Reply by Eugene P. Clark

Politico Cartoon Mocks Suffering Hurricane Victims In Texas

Matt Wuerker, a political cartoonist for Politico, drew this horrifically offensive cartoon denigrating Texan victims of Hurricane Harvey.…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

0 Aug 31

Controlled Opposition: Clinton Machine Caught Funneling $20 Million to The Young Turks

It was recently announced that The Young Turks Network, led by Cenk Uygur, had  secured $20 million dollars in funding to bolster their bus…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

0 Aug 30

The Schizophrenic, Paranoiac, DESTROY Trump Media!!!

Paranoia strikes deep. Into your heart, it will creep. Starts when you’re always afraid. Step out of line and they’ll come take you away.…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

3 Aug 25
Reply by Jea9

CNN Reporter Tries to Set Up Trump Panelists, Gets Brutal Reality Check on Camera

Just how out of touch is the mainstream media from everyday Americans? If a recent CNN video is any indication, the answer is “extremely.”…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

8 Aug 24
Reply by Jea9

Destroying History: The Race Baiting Politically Correct Anarchists

The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

0 Aug 21

MSNBC airs fake news report claiming actual Nazis in the White House while CNN uses “journalist” to question Trump’s mental capacity

Another weekend, another series of shocking lies published by the mainstream media, this time with MSNBC and CNN seemingly teaming up to p…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

0 Aug 20

Tell #FakeNewsCNN to stop putting AFA in danger

Tell #FakeNewsCNN to stop putting AFA in danger This week, CNN listed the American Family Association as a "hate group" in a sham news art…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

4 Aug 19
Reply by Frankmusic

Joy Reid calls Trump a ‘bigot’ – no shock – until she adds that he wanted kids like her dead!

Host of MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Joy Reid called President Donald Trump a “bigot” and said he wanted kids like her dead during his time in New York…

Started by Marilyn Calkins

2 Aug 15
Reply by Frankmusic


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