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CNN Producer: Americans Are “Stupid as Sh**”

Jimmy Carr reveals what mainstream media really thinks of ordinary people CNN producer Jimmy Carr summed up the attitude of the mainstream…

Started by Marilyn CalkinsLatest Reply

Fake news: Trump not considering calling up 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal aliens

AP gets it wrong. Maybe someone can explain this to the news media, because they either don't understand it or don't care about it: When y…

Started by Melony B. DeFordLatest Reply

NBC Seethes Over Trump’s ‘Ugly’ ‘Un-American’ Attacks on Press

Chuck Todd and the other journalists at NBC are openly fuming that Donald Trump continues to call out the biased coverage of his administra…

Started by Melony B. DeFordLatest Reply

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YouTube Deleted Toptentogo's News Network

 The stated that this channel was deleted for violating copyright laws, but I have not received any emails or updated information according…

Started by Henry Massingale

5 on Sunday
Reply by Hank Jordan

BANNED FROM PATREON by Faith J Goldy- 2018

 Universities won’t let me speak. YouTube won’t monetize my videos. Now, Patreon has me banned. Their reason? They claim the ’14 words’ are…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

1 on Saturday
Reply by Hank Jordan

Voice of Reason During Clown World Hearing on White Nationalism by Red Ice TV

 Published on Apr 11, 2019 Congressman Tom McClintock comments on the House Judiciary Committee's circus hearing on stopping "hate speech"…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

1 on Saturday
Reply by Hank Jordan

Toronto University Prof. Suspended By Twitter For Saying Transgenderism Is Mental Disorder

 University of Toronto Professor of Psychiatry Ray Blanchard, PhD, a leading expert on gender dysphoria, was temporarily suspended by Twitt…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

0 on Friday

Vimeo: Censorship Against Conservatives and Christians

 Vimeo Censorship against Conservatives and Christians. A criminal investigation against Vimeo has been ordered. Censorship against Conserv…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

30 May 14
Reply by Mrs.Tif Morgan

Is There Any Chance That YouTube has Muslims Working For Them That Are ISIS Supporters

 Patriot Groups, are listed as terrorist, by this so called Gov of the USA, well, that means you are listed as a terrorist. And according t…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

11 Apr 27
Reply by A.L. Rose

Bitch Cute Tif at 'Hope The UK Don't Mind'

Hope the UK don't mind American point of views. Bringing a challenge also against Trevor Lyman, for calling the Christchurch, shooting a Fa…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

3 Apr 23
Reply by Rosie Daniels

Debunking 5 Things About The Christchurch Shootings That Prove It Was A False Flag

 Expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief). A video by Trevor Lyman, at the video is not the same video…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

3 Apr 22
Reply by Rosie Daniels

New York Times Just Busted Big Time- 2017

 Back in 2017, I did not know this. Jihadis shout "Allahu Akbar!" during their attacks, while Western journalists insist that it's a peacef…

Started by Mrs.Tif Morgan

1 Apr 22
Reply by Rosie Daniels

Official EU Agencies Falsely Report More Than 550 URLs as Terrorist Content

 Now the Internet Archive are asking for help, from my past memory, the Internet Archive censored one of my videos, and failed to respond t…

Started by Henry Massingale

2 Apr 11
Reply by Hank Jordan




Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


WATCH:  MAGA Beach Bash 2019!

 Infowars reporter Millie Weaver goes to the Topless Jeep Event held in Chrystal Beach, Texas to join up with the MAGA Beach Bash 2019!

Like a scene from the dystopian movie Road Warrior, these gasoline driven “deplorable” Trump supporters are ready for Armageddon. [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]

Flashback: Massive Panama City Crowd Chants “4 More Years!” As President Trump Takes Stage In Florida (Video)

President Donald Trump held a rally on May 8th in Panama City Beach, Florida.

THOUSANDS of supporters were in attendance including The Gateway Pundit reporter Kristinn Taylor.

When President Trump entered the stadium the crowd started chanting, “Four more years!”


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